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Details of use.[edit]

This is intended as the framework for an overreaching campaign story arc. Towards its end it may begin to introduce an unbalance in the party, mostly after one PC wears six of the items at once and their powers grow. Here is included the basic background and all of the stats concerning the artifacts and race involved.

It may be required for you to alter the planes a little. The Cathnakari still have large terrain on the plane of shadow and shadow magic groups (see WoTC publication Tome of Magic) are likely to know of or even serve the Cathnakari.

This info will work best with knowledge of WoTC's Divine rank system and a heavily armoured two weapon fighter in the party, although almost anyone can use most of the items the true plot only gets off the ground when multiple items are worn together.

The best time to start with would be the cape of shadows.

If all of the items are recovered and worn by the same PC then the owning PC will receive visions of a powerful ceremony to be undertaken in the war-gear to grant them unmeasured power. In fact it will result in the destruction of their bodies and souls and the re-emergance of the wargear's fallen master in their stead. He uses the items at full power. He is a Cathnakari with 15 levels in fighter and divine rank 1.

Once, long ago...[edit]

Time passes, power builds and dies, nations rise and fall, once
great rulers become nothing more than a misspelled entry in the
journals of fate and the greatest evils are recalled by none.
Once, long ago, there was a proud and slightly foolish king of a
proud and utterly arrogant desert nation.  He looked out of his
chambers over all of the lands that could be seen on the flat
sands, a world that thought him god, that thought him immortal.
Once, long ago, there was a race of creatures on the plane of
shadow, banished by the gods and titans alike for crimes against
the natural order, for acts of evil and sadism that demons
dreamt for.  The Cathnakari.
Once, long ago, the king dabbled in magic.
Once, long ago, the king of the Cathnakari, an almost unique male,
escaped to the realm of the material and took the form of his
primitive cousin, the cat, and became the familiar of the human
king.  He warped the king's mind and was soon able to bring his
true form and all of his race into the material.
Once, long ago, the Cathnakari ruled most of the world as
Once, long ago, there was a war.
Today, there is rubble and writings on pyramids, buried in the

Links to the artifacts[edit]

Helm of the Jackal (3.5e Equipment)

Eyes of the Tiger (3.5e Equipment)

Amulet of the Panther (3.5e Equipment)

Leopard Tunic (3.5e Equipment)

Royal Cathnakari Breastplate (3.5e Equipment)

Lion Belt (3.5e Equipment)

Cape of Shadows (3.5e Equipment)

Bracers of Claw (3.5e Equipment)

Gauntlets of the Ever Claw (3.5e Equipment)

Claws of the King (3.5e Equipment)

Eyes of the Cat (3.5e Equipment)

Footpads (3.5e Equipment)

Links to monsters[edit]

Half-Cathnakari (3.5e Template)

Cathnakari (3.5e Creature)

Catling (3.5e Creature)

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