Potion of Shocking Fists (3.5e Equipment)

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Potion of Shocking Fists

The drinker's hands are engulfed in sparks, adding electricity damage to her unarmed attacks. The sparks do not harm her. The effect lasts for 3 minutes. There are two levels of potency of this potion. When found there is a 80% chance of being the lesser powerful. Both potions are yellow in color and have a bitter taste to them.

Potion Potency Caster Level Prerequisites Damage Price
Common Level 3 Brew Potion, Shocking Grasp +1d6 Electricity Damage 300 gp
Greater Level 6 Brew Potion, Shocking Grasp, Lightning Bolt +3d6 Electricity Damage 1500 gp

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This web page is a copy of the item from the D&D 3.5e Book call Draconomicon.
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