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The Pooka is a large creature, many would say that, on the whole, Pookas are "gifted" with the personality traits of a friendly woodland creature. However, Pookas can be of high intellect, and range in ability about as widely as any human. Pookas (although few would call them beautiful) are usually cute in a rag doll kind of way, and female Pookas take great pride in being "Pretty".


Pookas tend to be rather child like but are also very crafty, and allow their overwhelming gullibility to to work to their advantage. Pookas love to play harmless jokes, and find it hard to stay inside the letter of the law.

Physical Description[edit]

Large and bizare looking Pookas are in most cases rag dolls which a soul has some how found its way into. Pookas can also be created when a soul finds its way into a child's (or adult.... or mental patient's) over active imagination. Once there the soul is given that body (though, it always has the same racial traits, if given extra arms treat them as limp, and if not large resize it as such).


Names greatly vary, though generally girls like having long lavish names, while boys like short "tough" sounding names- this is not always the case.

Male: Ger!, Tuf., Red, Harvey, King Frog

Female: Princess LaLa, Fieona Meladin Rosa, Rosa Meladin Fieona, Shellbee

Pooka Racial Traits[edit]

  • Pookas are Large Creatures.
  • Pookas are strong but clumsy. +6 Str, -2 Dex.
  • Pookas are pretty gullible: -4 to disbelieve and illusion, -6 to sense motive checks
  • Pookas are far too curious to be frightened, so no magical fear effects work on them and they have a +6 against all intimidate checks.
  • Pookas are curious creatures and get a +2 bonus to all search checks.
  • Pookas are extremely lucky and receive 1 extra re-roll/day. This could either be per in game day, or per game session, on DMs discretion.
  • Pookas are fluffy and large, but still don't like the cold. They negate all sub-dual damage of a friend willing to be carried by them, but they still suffer the same amount of leathal damage from cold effects.
  • Automatic Language: Common, and any sign language (if one is available). Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Speak Language skill.
  • Favored Class: Barbarian
  • LA 1; ECL 2

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