Platinum Body (Grim Alteration)

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[[3e Summary:: The grim gains several benefits and abilities.]]

Platinum Body [Epic]

As the man stood there, blood pouring from his neck, he began to glow like some terrible force from outside reality. The air trembled around him for a moment, and his blood appeared to boil as it poured forward freely from the wound. He grinned a psychotic grin. I've never seen anyone move like that before, tearing apart walls as though they were paper; tearing apart other beings like twigs. It was almost like a dance, some terrible, insane dance that I wish to be lucky enough to never see again.

Prerequisite: [[3e Prerequisite::Endurance]], [[3e Prerequisite::Diehard]], [[3e Prerequisite::Vigorous Healing]], [[3e Prerequisite::Improved Vigorous Healing]], [[3e Prerequisite::Greater Vigorous Healing]], [[3e Prerequisite::Stalwart Body]],[[3e Prerequisite::Improved Stalwart Body]], [[3e Prerequisite::Greater Stalwart Body]], Epic
Description: The grim gains the following abilities:

  • Blindsight 200 feet.
  • Dodging Warp (Su): He can move in and out of squares threatened by enemies at one-half speed without provoking attacks of opportunity.
  • Penetrating Strike (Su): His attacks ignore the first 20 points of hardness and damage reduction.
  • Everlasting (Su): If he is reduced to below −9 HP, he is allowed a Fortitude save in the amount of the damage done beyond −9 HP. On a successful save, the additional damage is negated and he remains alive at −9 HP. However, he looses all fast healing until his HP become 0 or greater. He is considered stable.

Special: If the grim has Golden Body or Silver Body, he cannot take this Alteration.

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