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You walk through the door and are stunned. You see whole cities on floating blobs of jelly! You are so stunned you don't even feel yourself sinking into the jelly you are standing on and slowly choke to death...

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Normal
  • Time: Normal
  • Size: Normal
  • Morphic: Uncontrollably Morphic: Not even deities can control the Plane of Jelly.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: None
  • Energy Dominance: None
  • Alignment Trait: None
  • Magic Trait: None

Plane Links[edit]

A secret door in the material plane.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

The ground of the Plane of Jelly is inhabited by Oozes, while the towns are made of various humanoids.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Normal, except any creature on the ground must pass a Reflex save or its movement will be halved. Every round, a creature on the ground must pass a Balance check (with the same DC as the spell) or fall prone. Creatures who attempt to stand make another Balance check or remain prone.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The ground is made of jelly, along with the various floating cities.

Plane Links[edit]

Via the basement of Ted's Jelly Hut.

Plane Encounters[edit]

On the ground, you are likely to encounter ochre jelly.

Alternate Variances[edit]


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