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Name: Phyrexian Surgery (Enter 'Ex', 'Ps', 'Sp', or 'Su' for parameter 'specialabilitytype')
Infection DC: fortitude dc 10 to survive and dc 15 not take damage from surgery (captured by phyrexian and used as a test subject)
Incubation: upon waking from the surgery
Damage: 1d6 con, 1d20 subdual damage if fortitude roll was failed

Phyrexians are on the war march and are always needing new soldiers capturing new test subjects of all races, classes, religions. Half flesh half machine their only drive is to take over the world. If a player is captured and subdued they find themselves strapped to a table injected with anistisia to make them fall asleep (point of fortitude save)if the fortitude save is made the player wakes up to a new limb made of greyish flesh, steel, and bone. the new limb is hard to manuver at first given a healing time or a will save to will themselves the player can move it naturally. if the player is unable to escape after the first surgery they will be operated on again until they die or are totally taken over by the phyrexian body parts. to those who survive and escape each limb adds +1 to str mod after healing time deemed by DM

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