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Permanent Manifestation [Epic, Psionic][edit]

Makes the effects of one power that you manifest permanent.


Character Level 21st, Manifester Level 20th, Wis 20 (Only if character is a Psychic Warrior), Int 20 (Only if character is a Psion), Cha 20 (Only if character is a Wilder), Able to manifest the highest level powers for your class. Knowledge (Psionics) 25 Ranks


Changes the duration of one power you can manifest that targets you to permanent. Once this feat is taken (and the power is manifested), it cannot be dispelled, reversed, or changed in any way, however, you may suppress the effect of the feat at will for an indefinite period of time. It takes 1 full-round action to re-manifest it. Also, upon taking this feat (and manifesting the chosen power) you lose the ability to manifest the power and you also lose a number of Power Points equal to 5 + The power's cost to manifest.


A Psychic Warrior may choose this feat in place of a fighter bonus feat. This feat can be taken multiple times, each time it applies to a different power.

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