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Path of the strongest[edit]

Become the strongest warrior of all times. A Barbarian who dedicated his life to become unrivaled. You concentrate on your abilities and your strong will to sustain huge amounts of damages in incredible battles. Your ability with your favourite weapon is going to be legendary!
Choose a surname like "THE warrior", "The Slayer", "BountyHunter", "Ironsides" etc

Master of your weapons[edit]

Starting from level 3, you used your weapons so extensively that you can now manage them as if they were part of you. Choose a preferred weapon from the two-handed list. You can now use it as if it were a single-handed weapon without disadvantages. You can also handle that weapon as light. Choose another preferred weapon at level 14.

Expert in Two-Weapon Fighting[edit]

At level 6 when you take the Attack action and attack with your preferred weapon that you're holding in one hand, you can use a bonus action to attack with the other preferred weapon (of the same kind) that you're holding in the other hand. You don't add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, even if that modifier is negative. If either weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon, instead of making a melee attack with it.

Spirit of the Weapon[edit]

By the 10th level if you get (or are) disarmed you can spawn one or two weapons resembling your preferred weapon. To do that roll 1d20. If the result is 10 or higher you spawn 2 weapons. The weapons lasts for 10 minutes and they have the same proprieties your normal weapons do, except they deal psychic damage. You can't do that if Incapacitated, Paralyzed, Petrified, Stunned or Unconscious.

Brute force of The Strongest[edit]

At 14th level your body is so used to battles that it has gained a superior resistance. Once per turn roll 1d12 and subtract the result to the damage of X piercing, buldgeoing and slashing attack, even magical, you undergo. You may do this X times per long rest where X equals to the number of Rages shown for your barbarian level in the Rages column of the Barbarian table.
Your AC when unarmoured is now 14 instead of 10. You also have advantage on constituition saving throws while unarmoured.

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