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Life and Society:[edit]






Sheep, Wheat, Wool, Wood, Iron, Fish, Animal Hides, Textiles, Coal, Ships, Alcohol, Weapons

Major Geographic Features:[edit]

Important Sites:[edit]


Population: 11,152 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 8,362,500 Humans: 7,926; Halflings: 230; Elves: 1,007; Dwarves: 615; Gnomes: 480; Half-Elves: 557; Half-Orcs: 334; Others: 3


Population: 10,892 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 8,167,500 Humans: 8,604; Halflings: 480; Elves: 544; Dwarves: 326; Gnomes: 217; Half-Elves: 608; Half-Orcs: 108; Others: 5


Population: 9,014 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 6,757,500 Humans: 7,121; Halflings: 311; Elves: 450; Dwarves: 270; Gnomes: 180; Half-Elves: 490; Half-Orcs: 190; Others: 2

Diplomatic Relations:[edit]

Dwarven Mountain Clans dwell in underground cities or Clanholds beneath the hilly north of Oriana, where they mine the rich Iron and Coal deposits of the region. The vast natural resources provide raw materials for the Dwarven forges, which flood the region with finely crafted steel weapons and tools, goods nearby human towns are only too happy to trade for.

Although Dwarves can never truly see eye-to-eye with Humans, many Dwarven Clans can identify and relate to the Clans of Men that dwell alongside their mountain homes. Dwarven Mountain Clans have often established strong bonds of friendship with the particular Human Clans that settled near them, the two often depending on one another for trade and banding together in times of conflict against mutual enemies such as Orcs or Giants. Dwarves and Humans of allied Clans are amiable, consider one another to 'Brothers-in-Arms' at the least, but more often the relationship resembles more an extension of the Clan.

Dwarven Kings and Clan Leaders pay little heed to a centralized leader of Oriana, the edicts of a human king to the south have minimal influence over the lives of men so far away, but local human nobles and clan leaders might inhabit a more prominent position in the thoughts of the Dwarf Kings. The Orianian Nobility, on the otherhand, recognize the bond their subjects to the north have with these Dwarves and, as such, make sure not to give reason for the Hill Clans to unite in arms.

Current Events:[edit]

Character Creation Info:[edit]

  • Medium: Medium creatures, the Men of Oriana are Medium creatures have no special bonuses or penalties due to size.
  • Weapon Familiarity: Men of Oriana may treat Claymores and Dirks as Martial, rather then Exotic Weapons, as this is the land of their origins.
  • +2 regional bonus for saving throws against poison (including alcohol poisoning): The Men of Oriana grow up in a tavern culture, and, considering their dealings and relations with Mountain Dwarf clans and miners, the ability to stomach Dwarfhead Stout is a must for many traders, merchants, and mountain-dwellers.


Regional Feats:[edit]

Regional Weapons:[edit]


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