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Everywhere you go, there are collectives of people that band together to serve their similar interests. This idea was the basis of Guilds. Although there are hundreds of different guilds, most of the major ones are described here.

Trades Guild[edit]

The Trades Guilds is one of the oldest guilds in the realms, and will most likely outlast all the others. This guild acts as its name implies: It trades. Most matters of trade and profession are seen by the Trades guild, including the rights of performance in these professions.

Adventurers Guild[edit]

The Seekers[edit]

Eyes of Nerubar[edit]

Teemliad Investigators[edit]

Temples Guild[edit]

The Mages Guild[edit]

Aulluscy Travel Services[edit]

Kardeef Institution[edit]

Thieves Guilds[edit]

Cammara Guild[edit]

Inyala Guild[edit]

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