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The vast lands of Temple have born witness to numerous groups of clans, numerous groups of Criminal Guilds, and numerous groups of Magical Guilds. Below are some of Temples's more notable organizations.


Criminal Guilds[edit]

There are only 2 types of Criminal Guilds.

International Thieves Guild[edit]

The world's most dangerous self-promoters band together to sell off stolen goods and make a living. They set up shop usually in the basements of old buildings and Taverns.

International Assassin's Guild[edit]


There are many guilds out in the lands of Temple. You just need to know where to look. You can find them in just about every town.

Mage's Guild[edit]

Magic Crafters Guild[edit]

Alchemy Guild[edit]

Smithing Guild[edit]

Fighter's Guild[edit]

Century Club[edit]

Only for the top champions of the world. It is a club where men and women can drink all they want. There is no fighting unless both parties agree to fight while in the club. The only way to get into this club is to Kill 100 Men in battle throughout your life. There will be guards outside to stop you from going in, until you have killed the 100 men.

  • They have only a few rules:
  1. Mages: are not allowed.
  2. Thieves: keep your hands in your pockets.
  3. Clerics: Cut the Religous Bullcrap.
  4. Fighters: can only fight inside the club if both parties agree to it.
  • There is a sign outside that states these rules.


There are many clans throughout the lands of Temple. You just need to know where to look. "They may be good, they may be bad. They may be living, or they might be dead."

The Outcasts[edit]

The Fairy's[edit]

The Rebels[edit]

The Dead[edit]

Shifter Pride[edit]

The Swimmers[edit]

The V.E.S (Vampire Extermination Society)[edit]

The Heku[edit]

The Heku are distant cousins of Vampires, however they can walk in daylight.

The Equites[edit]


The Winchesters[edit]

The Valle[edit]


The Encala[edit]


The Ferus[edit]


The Unfactioned[edit]

Unfactioned Heku belong to no coven, and can roam free with no rules. Except for that they can only feed if a mortal allows you to. This rule is the same for all Heku, no matter what faction and status.

Vampire Clans[edit]

The Bacchus Clan[edit]


The Blood Diamond Clan[edit]


The Hearts[edit]

The Kusagari Clan[edit]


The Marquis Clan[edit]


The Shizoku Clan[edit]


The Wild One's / Freewalker Clan[edit]

Wild One's belong to no clan, they roam free.

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