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The Role of Organizations[edit]

Martial Guilds[edit]

Skillful Guilds[edit]

Arcane Guilds[edit]

Divine Guilds[edit]

Knowledge Guilds[edit]

Elvish Ancient Knowledge Foundation (EAKF): A foundation composed of elven,human, and dwarf historians who amass their knowledge in The Library of Simiran. Founded mainly by Leopolis family. Led by Sintag Monsen, a half elf.

Political Guilds[edit]

The Common Peoples Organization (TCPO): An organization devoted to distributing wealth and land equally to each home, and each town or city per capita. They have been led by many people over a million years of existence, and are currently led by Mando Larven, possibly the most influential man in Simiran excluding the Kind Leopolis.

Guild of Fallen Shadows: This guild was created by the Human Krantos during the end of the Golden Age. Originally created to open the Book of Zanayris, they changed during the beginning of the Dark Age to a different set of objectives including world dominance. They are chief rivals with The Commons Peoples Organizations.

Psionic Guilds[edit]

Miscellaneous Guilds[edit]

United Seaweed Growers Association (USKA): Since the continent is sworn to vegetarianism, this is one of the largest food harvesting groups, an association of harvesting companies which take seaweed and algae from Northern Spernaza Sea and near Iklavia Bay to feed Simiran's populace.

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