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The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon[edit]

The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon, often shortened to the "Order of Bahamut", is a monastery of monks, fighters and clerics dedicated to serving Bahamut, dragon-kind, human-kind as well as fighting against the forces of Tiamat's army and followers. In many ways, this involves a completely ascetic lifestyle, training themselves to become the greatest and strongest of warriors as they prepare to defend the innocent against Tiamat's Forces. Asceticism is highly valued, as it is a clear sense of duty and honor towards the ideals of magnanimity and chivalry. Any race may attend the monastery, but the journey is difficult and the temple is hard to reach, located deep in the Forest of Forever. However, the journey to the temple is Bahamut's first test for a possible student of his ways, as only the purest of soul, body and mind can make it too the monastery and decide to stay there to live the life of a Bahamut Monk.

There is only one place that tells of the first years of the Monastery of the Forever Forest, and it is within the heart of the monastery itself. A inter-planar demi-plane that the monasteries Grandmaster's and greatest students use as a records vault, within it's halls and shelves lie thousands of years of information. Whatever causes the Forever Forest to act as it does is centered here inside the demi-plane, and it bends the very laws of space and time within the Archives. Spending three days worth of study within the room takes but half a day, making it easy to study large amounts of information and practice in a short amount of time. Somewhere within the wealth of information lies the monasteries very data logs, started when it was but a foundation till now... or the Grandmaster's have hoped so, as it is almost impossible to find the manuscript in the large volume of every shifting books.

The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon has merely been using the monastery as their home for the last hundred or so years. (Note: Feel free to adjust the years to fit better with your general story of it.} The current Grandmaster is the 18th in line, recorded, Grandmaster Valos.

Rising through the Order[edit]

Once an initiate has successfully crossed the forest, s/he is shown the ways of their order and treated with hospitality. If they show an interest in the training, they are offer testing their potential against one of their other low level initiate, and later a master to truly see their potential as well test their other qualities for placement and some do not pass the final test {Note: a test of the over-seeing master's choosing}, simply to be treated and sent back with an escort to ensure their safety. If you do pass, however, you must fore-go any possession's that you owned at the time and begin with only your initiates robe. The first few months are mostly basics, fundamentals and body building designed for a strong body and spirit. At the end of initiates training comes the first trial, the path of the whelpling, a small section of a larger set of tunnels that hold monsters used for live combat experience. The purpose is to force the students to use everything they had learned, and already knew, to survive against a true enemy. The reward is the first belt in the long string of branches that lead to different robes and belts, signifying training or mastery in certain areas of the Order's teaching. Which range from magic to philosophy to the two Secret arts that the Bahamut Monks have resting within their Archives, the Burning Falcon and Rising Dragon Secret Arts.

The first belt you receive signals the beginning of your true training, signified by the pure white of the monastic accessory. As you begin your delving into the teaching, your belt begins to to move into more yellow-tinted whites. By the fourth belt, you either get taught or get to chose one of the two secret arts. If you choose Rising Dragon, you receive a bluish-green colored belt with a robe signifying that you are a student of the Rising Dragon. While the students of the Burning Falcon receive a red-ish orange belt with a fiery robe to symbolize their choice of study. A Emblem of the school on the back of your robe signifies that you have mastered one of these Secret Arts, as well does a dark red-orange and a dark blue-green belt. It is this time that you are asked of what you decide to do with your teachings. Some travel for a while, to gain worldly knowledge and truly test their training thus far. Others stay and teach their secret art to initiates until they are ready for the next step of the training. The last stretch of teaching's gives the monk a tremendous training regimen to force their being to evolve past it's limits and to test him to see if s/he is ready for masterhood, when they start to learn the second Secret Art that the Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon holds. The highest rank achievable is Master or Grandmaster (which is recognizable by the symbol of power s/he carries, the Monk Staff of Bahamut), who are said to be the only ones to see where Bahamut slumbers in his deific rest.

Culture of the Draconic Monastery[edit]

The culture is a soft mesh of several cultures, but behind it all sits the religion that centers itself upon Bahamut and his ideals as well as his goals. Because of this, they tend to treat dragon-kind with more worship than kindness, especially if the dragon-kind is metallic and good-natured like the Platinum Dragon himself. They strive to embody his ideals and strengths, to learn his way of fighting and the why. Philosophy is as much part of the focus than martial might or good-natured gestures. The teachers and Grandmaster allow other religions to flourish as long as they also acknowledge Bahamut's power and give their respects. The Grandmaster is even said to have meetings with Bahamut and act on his part, to sometimes even act as the old Aesir's avatar.

While a good-portion of monks are pure and gracious to their peers, a good portion (42%) of the monastery practice the arts of the Talam'Cikar for increased dexterity or wisdom. However many of them tend to take the teachings a bit far sometimes, though staying within the walls of one place for so long with the same company one must expect outcomes such as this. {Speaking on the lecherousness of a good portion of the order, the Talam'Cikar is something like the Kama Sutra but written in Draconic by a very horny sorcerer.}

Monastery of the Platinum Dragon[edit]

The monastery itself has twenty floors above ground and six below, with the entrance to the Baijin-Longchao* resting within the sixth basement floor. The sixth basement floor is called the Baijin {Nest}, while the top floor of the monolithic monastery is referred to as Kokuo-no-oza, meaning Throne of the King. The grandmaster resides within the Kokuo-no-oza while each master procures a basement floor for his own. This was decided so that the masters still felt like one of the students and so that they could create the foundation of the Monastery while also ensuring the grandmasters reverie with being at the top of the group. There are several different floors within the monolithic structure, ranging from zen gardens for peaceful meditation and study to complete floors made for testing the unfortunates to stumble upon them. The structure looks as odd and weird as anything else within the Forever Forest and just as random, making for a perfect place for the order to train their warriors.

  • Trans: Nest of the Platinum Dragon ~Japanese, Google Translate The official name of the Archives and Vault. Two doors lead to separate parts of the demiplane.

Knowledge: Martial Lore/Religion
DC Result
5 Students of the Bahamut Monks can be some of the most lecherous, swine ever to be see.
10 They worship dragon-kind and Bahamut, the aesir of the metallic dragons
15 It's said they train in two Secret Arts.
20 They can either use Rising Dragon Arts or the Burning Falcon Arts, both are formidable.

Secret Arts Taught and Known[edit]

Secret Art: Burning Falcon Style

 - Fire elemental
 - Strong Combination attack with right feat
 - power driven and a school of Nin-Ten-Do

Secret Art: Rising Dragon Style

 - Electricity elemental
 - Easily juggles the enemy while airborne
 - Aerial Combat driven & a school of Drake-Fu

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