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Orb of Fiendish Chaos[edit]

Measuring about one foot in diameter, these globes of colored glass are very delicate. These rare artifacts are often used by the bold as part of complex trap systems but their original purpose remain unknown by most. When broken, entrapped demons are magically released. They immediately attack anyone or anything living, unleashing the repressed fury of a near eternal imprisonment. An Orb of Fiendish Chaos can be one of four different kinds. A virulent green globe releases 1 Hezrou and 4 Quasits. A lusterless obsidian globe releases 3 Babaus and 1 Dretch. A bleary blue globe releases 2 Vrock and 1 Quasit. Finally, a deep crimson globe releases 1 Glabrezu and 3 Dretches. The demons randomly appear in the unoccupied squares nearest to the square in which it bust. An orb is fragile enough that it does not require any checks to break and can be thrown much like a flask of acid.

Strong conjuration; CL 20; Weight 2 lbs.

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