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Life and Society:[edit]

Opeyimi lands border Basira, and there is crossover in the culture.

Opeyimi artists are most famous for their intricate beadwork. Opeyimi beads are made from a variety of materials, including imported glass, ceramic, wood, and cowrie shells. They decorate everything with beads - belts, robes, scabbards, etc. Opeyimi music is best known for its emphasis on the bagpipe, an instrument rare throughout the rest of Orisha.

Ritualized wrestling is very popular amongst the NaBula.

Opeyimi usually wear beaded white boubous. Women hide their hair from view under a hood or turban, and though it is not required, many men and women wear veils to hide their mouths.

Opeyimi cooking has been heavily influenced by the Basirans. Basira staples such as chick peas, lamb, flat bread, olives, pine nuts, and yogurt all find frequent use in Opeyimi dishes.

The Opeyimi are the only Orisha culture that relies on horses in combat. Most Opeyimi warriors ride light war horses and fight with short bows and javelins. If pressed into melee combat, they will use light lances if on horseback, and scimitars or arm knives if on foot.






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