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This character is designed to be able to adventure alone. It will fit all roles of the party. It is sneaky, it can heal itself, it doesn't make a bad melee combatant, and it casts arcane and divine spells.


3.5 core rulebooks.

Game Rule Components[edit]

Spells, Powers, Soulmelds, Stances, etc...[edit]

Casts a small number of arcane and divine spells.




Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): This character is made with 32 points of point buy system stats. Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 13

Race (Templates):Human

Starting Racial Traits:Bonus Feat, more skill points.

ECL Class/HD/LA Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Feats Class
Fort Ref Will
1st Rogue 1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Dodge, Mobility Sneak Attack+1d6, trapfinding
2nd Rogue 1/Cleric 1 +1 +2 +2 +2 None Turn or rebuke undead
3rd Rogue 1/Cleric 1/Sorcerer 1 +1 +2 +2 +4 Run Summon Familiar
4th Rogue 1/Cleric 1/Sorcerer 2 +2 +2 +2 +5 None None Add your stat point into Wis or Dex.
5th Rogue 1/Cleric 2/Sorcerer 2 +3 +3 +2 +6 None None
6th Rogue 1/Cleric 2/Sorcerer 3 +3 +4 +3 +6 Weapon Finesse None
7th Rogue 1/Cleric 2/Sorcerer 4 +4 +4 +3 +7 None None
8th Rogue 2/Cleric 2/Sorcerer 4 +5 +4 +4 +7 None Evasion Add your stat point to Dex or Str.
9th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 4 +6 +4 +5 +7 Spring Attack None
10th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 5 +6/+1 +4 +5 +7 None None
11th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6 +7/+2 +5 +6 +8 None None
12th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 1 +7/+2 +7 +8 +10 Improved Initiative, Stunning Fist(Bonus), Improved Unarmed Strike(Bonus) Flurry of Blows Con+1
13th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 2 +8/+3 +8 +9 +11 Combat Reflexes(Bonus) None
14th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 3 +9/+4 +8 +9 +11 None Still Mind,Fast Movement Speed 40 ft
15th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 4 +10/+5 +9 +10 +12 Track Ki Strike(magic), slow fall 20 ft
16th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 5 +10/+5 +9 +10 +12 None Purity of body +1 AC bonus, Con+1 again.
17th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 6 +11/+6/+1 +10 +11 +13 Improved Trip(Bonus) Slow Fall 30 ft Speed 50 ft
18th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 7 +12/+7/+2 +10 +11 +13 Quick Draw Wholeness of Body
19th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 8 +13/+8/+3 +11 +12 +14 None Slow Fall 40 ft
20th Rogue 2/Cleric 3/Sorcerer 6/Monk 9 +13/+8/+3 +11 +12 +14 None Improved evasion Speed 60 ft, add the bonus stat point to anything but Int or Cha.

Other Components[edit]

You will want at least 4 ranks in Diplomacy, Move Silently, Hide, Listen, Search, Spot, Escape Artist, Sense Motive, Survival, and Bluff. You want to be able to get out of any situation.


You have trapfinding, Improved evasion, good speed, and some nice flurry of blows ability. However, when things are looking bad, start running!(There's a reason you took the Run feat)

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

You could switch the monk and cleric levels for ranger levels, but stay out of the armor, unless you want an arcane spell failure chance. If you take the ranger, take the Two Weapon Fighting combat style and instead of Track(which you get as a ranger bonus feat), get Two Weapon Defense. It doesn't really matter whether you use the ranger or the monk/cleric. Monk/cleric will have better defense, but ranger would have better offense.

Side Notes[edit]

Through adventuring alone, this character will earn approximately 4 times the amount of money that a normal character would. Use this money(3040000 gp at 20th level) to buy as many stat boosting items as possible. Get the stat boosting items as soon as possible. Rings of energy resistance are also a good idea: a major ring of energy resistance, 1 of each type is a good idea to get at some point. Save sonic for last, and you don't need it that much, so if you want to spend your money on something else, go ahead.


Best against single monsters, but is decent against multiple monsters.

DM Counters[edit]

At night, this character will have to sleep for 8 hours to regenerate arcane spells/ become fully rested. They are weaker then, as they have no one else to keep watch for them. Night ambushes are this characters greatest weakness.


Takes a 20% multiclassing XP penalty, beginning at Level 12. Penalty increases to 40% at Level 16. However, would not have to share XP with party members.

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