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Physical Description[edit]

Olugs appear to be wearing a wooden mask with bright eyes(editor chooses color).An Olug is a larger sized race. olugs are mostly recognized as a more heftier race of people from all the spiritual energy that they retain but it is said that a skilled Olug chooses there appearance. they carrier around the shackles that they were impressionism by.


olugs were a race of slaves used for there most recognizable and feared powers.frowned upon by society they decided to move out to a hidden forest where they lived honing their skills and raising their children to be the strongest offspring. Olug despite there friendly looking nature are quite aggressive and are hell-bent on destruction. their enemies would say they were born from the nightmares of Cronos that is if they were still alive to tell the tale.

Olug Traits[edit]

some say raising a legendary dragon from 100,000,000,000 years ago would take the most powerful of sorcerers. when this was told to an Olug they laugh and say "I remember kindergarten"
Ability Score Increase. +3 Strength, +2 Chrisma and Constitution.
Age. Olug don't necessarily die but more to say become a spiritual guide for there children and add the ages to get the conversational age to entertain their mortal companions.
Alignment. they appear to be lawful good but when they are left alone to defend against their demons their true colors show and they like to be chaotic evil.
Size. you know when your parents said you could be anything you want to be? well, Olug parents said something similar but more along of the lines of never be the weakest in the room but if you look the strongest
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
deep camouflages. deep camo allows the caster to disguise them self.mostly with the use of wood mimicry.
nature manipulation. due to living countless years of hiding in the forest they have learned to use nature to there advantage in ways as transportation, defense, and assault.
reanimation. Olugs have lived a life of neglect and have been forced to shape the world to there expectations and have done things so horrifying to achieve there goals they make gods cry.folktale lore says that olugs have been knowing to have gone crazy after they have been judged and have massacred entire cities to reanimate their corpse and make the perfect home but you cant trust everything that you hear.
gifts of our ancestors. this trait gives caster to place the spirit of a lost one in a live specimen and having them fight alongside your party until they have achieved there life goal and can ascend to a greater plain.
Elemental Body. You do not require air, food, water or sleep
Languages. You can read, speak, and write Common and one Exotic language of your choice.

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