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Ogrebreaker: Ogrebreaker, the wild one from the wastelands, was a brazen youth whom age and battle tempered into an adept warrior and stout opponent of those who wish to stamp out mankind. She met Trollrender during her travels and they formed a traveling arrangement, which evolved into a friendship, which blossomed into a bond that even death now cannot break.

As Trollrender met his end at the hand of his namesakes, Ogrebreaker did too find death in the form of a band of ogres who had worked in concert with the green-skinned giants to bring down the duo that had killed so many of their breed. Not going softly into that good night, she swore an oath beyond death and blood that she would be reunited with her companion and that their quest would not end. So did her spirit come to possess the magic weapon Ogrebreaker, the blade she had carried even as a child.

Ogrebreaker is a +1 giant-bane keen greatsword of barbarian origin, but nonetheless masterfully crafted. It is not intelligent but craves for the blood of giants and the warmth of Trollrender, or its bearer. Once the two weapons are reunited, the bearers will be encouraged to share a bond much like that the two hunters knew.

As of now, both Trollrender and Ogrebreaker lie in the hoards of trolls and ogres, who jealously guard the trophies of their greatest kill yet: the two barbarians who slew so many giant-kin that their raids into civilized lands are still hampered.

Caster Level: 10th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Summon Monster I, Keen Edge; Market Price: 32,350 gp; Cost to Create: 16,350 gp + 1,280 XP.

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