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What I want is a good pet to use for combat and utility. My issues with the familiar is the limit on HP (1/2 rounded down of the arcane caster) and I know it is unbelievable but I'm tired of dinosaurs as companions. Is there a worthwhile way to get the best of both with some flavor? When I have played this I played a heavy support and battlefield control orientated caster with my pet the scout and air support (DM asked me to stop playing around in the air, so he let me change to the earth ele, and became the meatshield).


The info and book used are as follows: Battle Sorcerer variant from Unearthed Arcana, Bonded Summoner from Miniatures Handbook, Arcane Hierophant from Races of the Wild, Education feat from Player's Guide to Faerun, Natural Bond feat from Complete Adventurer, Spellbound Companion feat from Player's Handbook II, Practiced Spellcaster feat from Complete Arcane or Divine


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): Decent Wisdom and Charisma then Dexterity and Constitution Race (Choosing between an Air elemental and an Earth elemental, I would suggest a race with natural flight and low ECL for the Air, and anything will work with the earth): I suggest Druid 3rd, Battle Sorcerer 4th, Bonded Summoner 1st, Arcane Hierophant 10th, then either focus more on spell casting taking another dual casting progression class or finish Bonded Summoner or Beast Master. Must start with at least the Education feat


Ends up with spells/day and known equal to a 13th druid, 14th battle sorc (with arcane caster lvl 18th) @ 18th lvl. With a medium (before adjustments, will change massively after advancement due to HD) elemental as a familiar and animal companion, with the modifiers of a 16th druid, and a 15th Bonded Summoner(best than sorc mods). Also due to the companion/familiar it no longer has the max on HP that normal familiars have. +)


IS NOT T1 Build, this is for flavor fun and effectiveness.


I would really love some feedback on if you enjoyed the idea, playing, problems you see or had, suggestions on improvement, and why or why not you believe this is effective at 18th level?

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