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Obsessive Compulsive[edit]

You have an unnatural obsession which you overcome by a compulsion.

Prerequisite: Must not be immune to charms and compulsions

Effect: You choose a obsession and a compulsion. Obsessions are usually something taboo or a fantasy of yours, such as desecrating temples or having sex with an archon. Compulsions are a subconscious way of overcoming your obsessions. Common compulsions would be sharpening your weapon after a battle or taking 20 tries to light a fire even if it's already lit. Compulsions don't have to be related to your obsession and must be something doable. You take a -2 moral penalty on saves vs. Charms or Compulsions and a -4 on saves vs. Charm or Compulsions related to your obsession/compulsion.

You may choose to resist your compulsion, but for every day you do, your save penalties increase by 1 and you feel anxiety, giving your attacks, skills, and saves a -1 moral penalty for every day you resist your compulsion.

Resisting a compulsion for long enough may cause you to crack and make you give in to your obsession. Every month you resist a compulsion, you take 1d2 wisdom damage.

Benefit: Bonus Feat.

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