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Greater Maiming Strike [Fighter Bonus, Class, Tactical, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack]

You are greatly adept at damaging ability scores.
Benefit: You no longer suffer any penalty to attack rolls when attempting a maiming strike, and can add half of your Strength bonus (if any), round down, to the damage you deal to an ability score with such an attack. Also, if you deliver a critical hit with a maiming strike, it deals 1d8+1 points of temporary ability score damage.
Special: In addition to the normal feat slot, a fighter must spend 1,000 XP and 4 weeks in training in order to learn this feat. A fighter who spends 1,500 XP and 8 weeks in training, may increase the effective range of this feat to 120 ft. A fighter who spends 4,000 XP and 20 weeks in training, increases his critical hit damage with a maiming strike to 1d8+3.

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