Notable Templar's (Temple Supplement)

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Knowing whose in charge can help player's get a grasp of their surroundings (and try to climb the social ladder a bit). Below is a list of the people of Temple.


Bacchus NPC'S[edit]

Blood Diamond NPC'S[edit]

Encala NPC'S[edit]

Equites NPC'S[edit]

Fairy NPC'S[edit]

Ferus NPC'S[edit]

Human NPC'S[edit]

Kusagari NPC's[edit]

Marquis NPC'S[edit]

"OTHER" NPC'S[edit]

Shifter NPC's[edit]

Shizoku NPC'S[edit]

Unfactioned NPC'S[edit]

Valle NPC'S[edit]

Wild One / FreeWalker NPC'S[edit]

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