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The Non-enervating Wilder[edit]

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Some people do not shape their mind through careful selfdiscovery and meditation. Some do not venture on journeys to their innermost self. Some do not hone their abilities by years of study and silence. Some, choose to let their emotions take over their intellect, relying on pure force of will and imagination and not study or meditation to overcome any obstacles. These few, are called Wilders. They have discovered a deep source of power within their souls, that allows them to break the limits of psionic manifestation and apply unknown force and strength to their powers.

Alignment: Wilders may be of any alignment, but the majority of them is chaotic in some aspect. Also, they tend to prefer neutrality over good or evil, as they just want to let their emotions run free.

Class Skills[edit]

The wilder's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Autohypnosis (Wis), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (psionics) (Int), any other second Knowledge skill (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Psicraft (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

Skill points at first level: (4 + Inteliigence modifier) * 4.

Skill points at each additional level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Class Abilities[edit]

Hit Die: d6.

Table 1: The Non-enervating Wilder

			Fort	Ref	Will					PPs	Powers	Max Power
Level	BAB 		Save	Save	Save	Special				/day	Known	level known

1	+0		+0	+0	+2	Wild Surge +1			2	1	1st
2	+1		+0	+0	+3	Subconscious Defence		6	2	1st
3	+2		+1	+1	+3	Wild Surge +2			11	2	1st
4	+3		+1	+1	+4	Surging Euphoria +1		17	3	2nd
5	+3		+1	+1	+4	Volatile Mind I			25	3	2nd
6	+4		+2	+2	+5					35	4	3rd
7	+5		+2	+2	+5	Wild Surge +3			46	4	3rd
8	+6/+1		+2	+2	+6					58	5	4th
9	+6/+1		+3	+3	+6	Volatile Mind II		72	5	4th
10	+7/+2		+3	+3	+7					88	6	5th
11	+8/+3		+3	+3	+7	Wild Surge +4			106	6	5th
12	+9/+4		+4	+4	+8	Surging Euphoria +2		126	7	6th
13	+9/+4		+4	+4	+8	Volatile Mind III		147	7	6th
14	+10/+5		+4	+4	+9					170	8	7th
15	+11/+6/+1	+5	+5	+9	Wild Surge +5			195	8	7th
16	+12/+7/+2	+5	+5	+10					221	9	8th
17	+12/+7/+2	+5	+5	+10	Volatile Mind IV		250	9	8th
18	+13/+8/+3	+6	+6	+11					280	10	9th
19	+14/+9/+4	+6	+6	+11	Wild Surge +6			311	10	9th
20	+15/+10/+5	+6	+6	+12	Surging Euphoria +3,		343	11	9th
						Raging Mind 1/day

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Non-enervating Wilder:

  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: As XPHb.
  • Power Points per Day: As XPHb.
  • Powers Known: As XPHb.
  • Wild Surge (Su): A wilder can let his passion and emotion rise to the surface in a wild surge when he manifests a power. During a wild surge, a wilder gains phenomenal psionic strength, but may only invoke this power a limited number of times per day (see below).
    A wilder can choose to invoke a wild surge whenever he manifests a power. When he does so, he gains +1 to her manifester level with that manifestation of the power. The manifester level boost gives him the ability to augment his powers to a higher degree than he otherwise could; however, he pays no extra power point for this wild surge. Instead, the additional 1 power point that would normally be required to augment the power is effectively supplied by the wild surge. Level-dependent power effects are also improved, depending on the power a wilder manifests with her wild surge.
    This improvement in manifester level does not grant him any other benefits (eg, he does not gain higher-level class abilities).
    He cannot use the Overchannel psionic feat and invoke his wild surge at the same time.
    At 3rd level, a wilder boosts his manifester level by two instead of one. At 7th level, he boosts his manifester level by three; at 11th level, by four; at 15th level, by five; and at 19th level, by six.
    In all cases, the wild surge effectively pays the extra power point cost that is normally required to augment the power; only the unaugmented power point cost is subtracted from the wilder’s power point reserve.
    A wilder gains the ability to invoke a wild surge 1/day per level. Whenever he invokes a surge, it costs him a number of his daily allotment equal to the level of the power he wants to surge + 1/4pps used to augment that power (rounded down). So it costs (unaugmented) 1 charge to surge a level 1 power, 2 charges to surge a level 2 power,..., 9 charges to surge a level 9 power. Were that level 1 power augmented to 9pps in total, the wilder would have to pay "1+8/4"=3charges to surge it.
  • Subconscious Defence (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a wilder’s intuition supersedes his intellect, alerting him to danger from attacks (including rays) directed at him. He gains an insight bonus to Armor Class against all attacks equal to his Charisma bonus, but no higher than his wilder class level.
  • Surging Euphoria (Ex): Starting at 4th level, when a wilder uses his wild surge ability, he gains a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws for a number of rounds equal to the number of daily uses of his wild surge he spent on surging the power.
    At 12th level, the morale bonus on a wilder’s attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws increases to +2. At 20th level, the bonus increases to +3.
  • Volatile Mind I (Ex): A wilder’s temperamental mind is hard to encompass with the discipline of telepathy or the school of enchantment. When any telepathy power is manifested or any enchantment spell is cast on a wilder of 5th level or higher, the wilder gains a mental power resistance equal to 5 + wilder class level against that power or spell only.
    Because of the unpredicatble power of a wilders emotions, spells like assay resistance or lower spell resistance do not help the caster/manifester. He must rely on his mental strength alone to force his charms upon the wilder's mind.
    As a standard action, a wilder can choose to lower this effect for 1 round.
  • Volatile Mind II (Ex): As Volatile Mind I, but the power resistance increases to 10 + wilder class level.
  • Volatile Mind III (Ex): As Volatile Mind II, but the power resistance increases to 15 + wilder class level.
  • Volatile Mind IV (Sp): As Volatile Mind III, but any spell or power that fails to affect the wilder due to his PR has a 10% chance to be reflected back upon the original caster or manifester as if it was originally cast or manifested by the wilder (treat this as a special effect similar to the reddopsi power). As an exception, even area affect powers or spells can be reflected back on their origin.
    When the original caster or manifester is protected by a reddopsi or spell turning effect, the energies of the power or spell bound back and forth between him and the wilder until it either affects any of the two, or its duration runs out.
  • Raging Mind (Ex): At level 20, the wilder has reached the utmost perfection of stearing his wild emotions in the desired direction. He can invoke this ability only once per day. For 3 rounds, he can only manifest powers and move, he may not take any other actions (like activating magical/psionic items or attack with weapons). While under the effect of this ability, he gains a +10 bonus on manifester checks to penetrate power resistance, and any metapsionic feat he applies to the power does not cost his focus. Additionally, all his powers gain the benefits of wild surge +6 for free.
    After these 3 rounds, or when he decides to end the effect before it runs out (DC 35 Will Save to do so), he becomes stunned for 1 round from the strain on his mind and body, and is exhausted for the rest of the encounter.

The Epic Non-enervating Wilder[edit]

Class Skills[edit]

Skill points at each additional level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Class Abilities[edit]

Hit die: d6.

Table 2: The Epic Non-enervating Wilder

Level	Special
21	Bonus Feat
23	Wild Surge +7
25	Bonus Feat
27	Wild Surge +8
28	Surging Euphoria +4
29	Bonus Feat

Class Features[edit]

All the following are class features of the Epic Non-enervating Wilder.

  • Powers: The epic wilder’s manifester level is equal to his class level. The epic wilder’s power points and powers known do not increase after 20th level (except through the use of epic feats).
  • Wild Surge: The epic wilder’s wild surge continues to increase after 20th level. At 23rd level and every four levels higher than 23rd, the wild surge continues to gain an additional +1 boost to manifester level when used (+7 at 23rd, +8 at 27th, and so on).
    The epic wilder has 1 use of wild surge per day per level, as normal.
  • Surging Euphoria: The epic wilder’s surging euphoria progression continues past 20th level. At 28th level and every eight levels higher than 28th, the morale bonus on his attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws increases by 1 (+4 at 28th, +5 at 36th, and so on).
  • Bonus Feats: At level 21 and every 4 levels higher than 21st, the epic wilder gains a bonus feat (at level 21, 25, 29,...).

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