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CR —

CE Large Undead
Init/Senses +20/Listen +30, Spot +30
AC 50, touch 50, flat-footed 40
hp 300 (25D12 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +6/+16/+22
Speed 60ft
Melee 2 claws +17 (2D6+10, Anti-matter)
Base Atk/Grp 12/+22
Abilities Str 30, Dex 30, Con -, Int 50, Wis 30, Cha 30
SQ Impossible, Anti-matter, Sanctum, Divide Foes, Undead traits, DR 50/-, Fast healing 30
Skills listen +30, search +30, spot +30, intimidate +30
Impossible All creatures which can sence (any) the Never-were must make a will save (DC:40) or have its wisdom and intelligence reduced to 1. This is a permenant effect which cannot be dispelled (other than by an over-deity, divine rank 25+). A save must be made every round, if a creature fails twice it is brain dead and will not move or defend itself.
Anti-matter Any creature struck by a Never-were's claws must succeed both a fortitude and will save (DC:30) or be removed from reality. Natural 20 does not give an automatic success. This ability also works on objects. In addition anything which strikes the Never-were must make the same saves (but at DC:25) or suffer the same consequences. If a Never-were comes into contact with a sphere of annihilation (or similar effect) the result is the collapse of that plane, this cannot be prevented in any way and is instantaneous. No record of that plane ever existing survives nor any memory of it. The never-were dies but every creature of intelligence 17+ becomes a Never-were and appears on a random plane, it does not remember anything of its past life.
Sanctum Once every six hundred and sixteen years a Nevere-were can name a room or cave its sanctum. this allows it to shape it to its desire at will. It also means that it can seal this space and make it impossible to escape with either mundane or magical means. Any attempt to do so will instantly cause a hellball (see epic level handbook) to be cast centred on the would-be escapee. When the Never-were is defeated the only way out of the sanctum is to force a hole with the claws of the deceased creature (see antimatter).
Divide Foes When in its sanctum the Never-were cannot be harmed by any means unless it attacked the instigator of the harm in its last turn.

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

The never-were's are believed by many not to exist. Because this is partially true they are among the most deadly of opponents. Despite being among the most inteligent creatures in the known multiverse they often try to convince their foes otherwise. They will charge into close combat attacking with claws of anti-matter. When it's oponents believe it to be a mindless animal it will feint away from combat making it look like it is fleeing. If the opponents follow it uses a long string of weak (CR:5) traps which are unlikely to even slow the characters. Once they reach its inner sanctum the way back is sealed. There is no mundane or magical means of escape while the never-were is alive, any attempt to do so incurs a harrowing of the soul so dire that it is the equivolent of casting hellball (epic spell) on the would-be-escapee. Then the Never-were single's out the strongest of the group and unmakes it using its claws of anti-matter. Once the strongest opponent has been singled out only that person/creature can have any direct effect on the never-were. Once the strongest is dead it repeats the tactic moving through the stongest remaining opponent. If the never-were is defeated all but the claws vanish from existence. Only the claws can be used to escape but they can only be manipulated by an amulet of the sphere.


Never-were's shouldn't exist. However they can be found anywhere which has at some point had contact with an outer plane.


Typical Physical Characteristics:The mind refuses to accept the true form of a never-were but the self preservation instinct identifies it as a vaguely humanoid hole in reality often with horns and long claws

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

The antimatter claws can be manipulated like a shere of anhialation with a speed of 500ft and remain behind when the Never-were ceases to never have existed (is beaten).[edit]

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