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Nerve Sever: The first sword of this type was created on the Astral Plane by a race of humanoids who long ago freed themselves from the mind flayers. Nerve Sever and the other swords like it were made to help combat mind flayers and their grimlock slaves. Although the person who created the first one is unknown, a powerful fighter named Melk is known to be the first who bore one into battled against the illithids. While defending his stronghold, Melk held the line with ten of his fellows (all similarly armed), allowing their enemies to get as close as possible before unleashing the full power of the swords.

The initial force of attackers fell close at the feet of the bearers, and other defending troops began to wade in with their silver swords. The forces of the illithids fell where they stood or fled in terror at the strength of the defenders. Melk was rewarded by his lich queen by having his mind and essence consumed, for his power and growing popularity had proven a threat to her.

Nerve Sever (and its copies) is a +2 longsword that can invoke a heightened (4th level) sound burst spell once per day. The ability is activated by striking the blade against a hard surface and pointing the sword at the desired area. The hilt and the cross guard are made from smooth silver with what appears to be tattooed skin (mind flayer or grimlock) covering the grip. The steel blade has a series of holes diminishing in size towards its point, each filed as sharp as the blade’s edge. Some versions of this weapon in bastard sword and greatsword form have been discovered as well.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Heighten Spell, Sound Burst; Market Price: 28,315 gp; Cost to Create: 14,315 gp gp + 1,120 XP.

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