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Symbol: A crescent moon over a silver coronet.
Home Plane: Arvandor.
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Female elves, queens, beauty, nobility, courtly behavior.
Clergy Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: War, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Elven courtblade
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Nera, daughter of Corellon Latherian, appears as a beautiful elven maiden with silver hair. She always wears regal garments and a silver coronet.


  • Show respect for women, children, and those of noble birth.
  • Strive to behave in a chivalrous manner- don't fight dirty unless your enemy does, don't try to gain unfair advantages over people, and be brave and true.
  • Spread civilization, but respect nature and the natural world.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most temples to Nera are in back rooms of elven palaces or temples to Corellon. Her clergy wear robes made of cloth-of-silver, and are often younger sons/daughters of elven nobility.

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