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A neko.

Neko look exactly like humans except for the fact that they have ears and a tail

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5-6 feet
Average Weight: 140-180 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 dexterity +5 charisma +1 intelligence -2 Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: common and one other language (Neko can also communicate with felines)
Skill Bonuses: +10 acrobatics and bluff
Neko heroics: as a Neko you get 1 more action point
Neko run action: When a Neko cooses to run (or charge)they get to move an extra 7 spaces
scenting: you have access to the scenting Neko racial power
Neko magics: you have access to the Neko magics racial power
Neko charm: you gain access to the Neko charm racial power

Scenting Neko Racial Power
"where did he go?" "wait whats this" *smells the air*
At-Will Star.gif nature
Free Action ranged 20
Effect: you can tell what has passed through the range within 3 days in what direction and what they have with them

Neko magics Neko Racial Power
*BOOOOOM* "what just happened" *coughing*
Daily Star.gif psychic
Immediate Interrupt ranged sight
Trigger: someone goes to cast a spell withing sight
Effect: the Neko can choose to make the spell wild magic and effect the caster or have it blow up dealing the damage of the spell +5 on the caster
Special: at LV 21 it becomes double the amount of dmg the spell does

Neko Charm Neko Racial Power
"can you help me with this" "of course"
Daily Star.gif illusion
Free Action ranged sight
Effect: you can tell the target to do or tell you anything for an hour


Play a Neko if you want...

  • To be cute
  • To be underestimated because your cute
  • To have others do what you want
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Rouge, Wizard, Ranger and Cleric classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Nekos are very fast and dexterous

Playing a Neko[edit]

Usually a little air headed Neko's do think everything through and are over trusting of others.

Neko Characteristics: graceful, air headed, trusting and smart

Male Names: Roy, Angel, Ruby, Aaron, Seth

Female Names: Jade, Ruby, Eve, Julie, Alice, or any other stripper name.

Neko Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Neko adventurers are described below.

Wind Rider Alice was a pirate captain of a grand ship called "The Four Winds" and a crew of 3,000, no person she attacked ever lived, her name was never openly know because she would kill everyone who found out she was a pirate but after 30 years of successful pirating she was killed on her own ship by a might general, the total of her treasure in gold was 387,837 gold pieces.

Roy the Righteous was a powerful general who won many wars, he only had an army of 10 men but he still managed to win 37 battles. Roy was known for his strategies and his compassion as a leader but he was always obsessed with finding some girl named Alice it wasn't until his death when his unit read his journal did they learn why,

Journal entry #78: We managed to take over the enemies fort. Jack was hit with some weird poison and we still have no clue what it is or how to cure it but he wont stop laughing, if only i were faster this would have never happened. Signed, GENERAL ROY

Journal entry #80: I keep having nightmares of that day, i keep seeing her kill my mom over and over in my head and my dad who died saving me from her. this is my 4th day without sleep. Signed, GENERAL ROY.

Journal entry #85: We finally found her, she messed up, Alice tomorrow you die, maybe I can sleep tonight? Signed, GENERAL ROY.

Journal entry #86: This is going all wrong, why did i let my unit come with me, i never should have let them come. Alice and her crew they're inhuman something about them is all wrong. Signed, GENERAL ROY.

The rest of his tale was pieced together with the report from his daughter Lilly.

Battle report: Attack against the four winds. Reported by class A blade master Lilly.

We had no issue boarding their ship since it was docked, but then every thing got out of hand blood was flying every where we lost five men as soon as the battle started they were faster then any opponent I've faced before not to mention their raw strength we had only lost one man before and these filthy pirates were killing us like we were flies getting in their way. Roy quickly pulled me into a room in the ship and told me whats on the crystal that was with this letter after that he threw me out a window. a few moments later i saw pirates jumping off the ship and swim straight for me i thought they saw me and that i was going to die but they swam right past me. i decided to see why so i swam back to the docks and got back on the ship where i saw Roy with hiss eyes gouged out and Alice's dead body with his sword through her jaw and out her head"

On the crystal


ROY: "We can't help them they're already dead."

LILLY: * crying* "So your plan is for us to stay here and die, we should go out there and die in battle."

ROY: "stop crying and listen"

LILLY: *sniffling*

ROY: "your 20 years old and you've never even had a single birthday I've always been your leader not your father, and now i'll tell you that will never change, and you'll always be a soldier before a daughter to me, but today i'll make you proud of this old cat. here take this."

LILLY: "a ring?"

ROY: "yep it was your moms ring... happy birthday Lilly"

A sound of glass smashing rings throughout. The sounds of screaming and water are heard.

Jack the Fleet Footed was a simple person with simple pleasures he like to read under a nice shady tree and to snipe kobolds with his bow he joined an army and ended up in a squad commanded by Roy with Roy as his leader he went battle to battle always in the best spot and ever missing a shot, one night Roy's camp a poisoned arrow came out of the trees, Jack managed to hear and catch the arrow but it cut his hand, not long after he started laughing uncontrollably and was given an honorable death. he was a hero who saved another.

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