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You fought me during your life. Now, you will serve me during your death.
—Troxartas, 'Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell' MST3k
Class Traits
Role: Leader/Controller. You either grant your undead servants bonuses, or use spells on your enemies to hinder them.
Power Source: Arcane.
Key Abilities: Intelligence, Constitution, Charisma
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee
Implements: Staff, Wand
Bonus to Defense: +1 fortitude, +1 will
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Arcana or religion.  From the class skills list below, choose 3 more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Dungeoneering, Endurance, Intimidate, Perception, Religion, Stealth.
Build Options: Commanding Necromancer, Destroying Necromancer.
Class Features: Leading style, Ritual casting, Raise undead

The Necromancer uses strong necrotic energies to animate death, hinder his enemies and empower himself. These powers are often used for evil, but there exist some good Necromancers, whose philosophy is that for the greater good, some must give up their lives and be animated as mindless undead. Necromancers are hard to defeat, because with every foe they defeat, they gain another ally.

Necromancer Overview

Characteristics: One half of your powers is about weakening your foes so they die faster. The other half is to animate and control them when they die.
Religion: Necromancers often worship Vecna, but some good or unaligned Necromancers worship Corellon or Ioun.
Races: Necromancers are often Humans, Tiefling and Drow, but Eladrin are also possible.

Creating a Necromancer[edit]

There are two builds for a Necromancer. The Commanding Necromancer focuses on lots of minions who attack his foes while he uses spells to empower them. The Destroying Necromancer prefers to use one strong companion and uses damaging spells to attack his enemies. All Necromancers rely on intelligence and either Constitution or Charisma.

Commanding Necromancer[edit]

You prefer to stay in the back and let your undead servants attack the enemy while you cast spells to assist them. Many of your attack powers use Intelligence, so that should be your primary ability. To encourage your servants, you need a decent Charisma score, so that should be a close secondary. More hit points and surges are always nice, so Constitution is a good tertiary ability score.

Suggested Feat: Improved Initiative (Human Feat: Human Perseverance)
Suggested Skills: Arcana, Religion, Perception, Bluff
Suggested At-Will Powers: Command Zombie, Necrotic ray
Suggested Encounter Power: Harmful command
Suggested Daily Power: Swarm of attacks
Destroying Necromancer[edit]

You prefer to use more direct attacks and use only a single undead creature to help you. Instead of a big number of weak creatures, you have one strong. You attack enemies with spells, so Intelligence is your primary ability. To endure the melee where you sometimes end up and to empower some of your spells, you need Constitution as a secondary ability. For your tertiary ability, choose either Strength for better melee attacks or Charisma for some minor buff spells.

Suggested Feat: Dark Fury (Human Feat: Action Surge)
Suggested Skills: Arcana, Religion, Endurance, Intimidate
Suggested At-Will Powers: Draining touch, Necrotic burst
Suggested Encounter Power: Acid blast
Suggested Daily Power: Hurricane of Darkness

Necromancer Class Features[edit]

All Necromancers share these class features.

Leading Style[edit]

Necromancers have various ways of fighting. Some Necromancers choose to fight using a large number of mindless minions. Others prefer to fight with destructive magic and a single powerful servant. Choose either Minion Swarm or Destroying Arcana Some powers have the Zombie keyword, meaning that to use them, you need to have at least one zombie capable of taking actions. If an attack just refers to a zombie, then it can be either kind.

Minion Swarm: You gain the Raise minor undead utility power.

Undead creatures created with this power are mindless and have to be commanded. To command those creatures, you can use the following actions.

Attack (Standard Action) One of your minor zombies makes a base melee attack.

Move (Move Action) You and a number of minor zombies equal to your charisma modifier can take a move action.

Opportunity actions (Immediate interrupt) You can command a zombie to make an opportunity attack as an immediate interrupt, if possible.

Other actions Spend the required action. One minor zombie of your choice completes it. If the DM judges that the zombie can't complete the action, the action is wasted.

If you aren't present or capable of commanding the zombies, they will do nothing unless they're attacked. If they are attacked, they will take a move or a standard action each turn on initiative 0. They will walk to the nearest foe in a straight line and attack when possible if they act without being commanded.

The number of minor zombies that you can have at a time is 2 at level 1. This increases by one at level 2,3,5,8,12,16,22 and 29. It is possible to create large or larger zombies by using this power, but they count as 2 extra zombies per size category bigger than medium.

The minor zombies count as allies. After a battle, they regain hit points equal to one-quarter of their total HP. They can't use second wind.

The statistics of a minor zombie don't scale. Level, Ability scores and powers stay always the same. If a power refers to a Minor zombie, than it is about this kind of zombie.

Destroying Arcana You gain the Raise undead servant utility power

An undead creature created with this power can act independent on initiative 0. It will move to the nearest enemy, avoiding difficult or dangerous terrain if possible, and than attack. As a minor action, you can direct it to do something different, like protecting you or attacking a specific foe.

You can only have one undead servant at a time. Your undead servant can be bigger than medium, but you need to have 5 levels per size category bigger than medium before you can have a undead servant of that size. (5 for large, 10 for huge, 15 for gargantuan, 20 for colossal)

Your undead servant counts as an ally. It has a number of healing surges equal to your constitution modifier. After a short rest, you need to tell how many healing surges it may spend. Your undead servant can use second wind, and, if not directed otherwise, does so the first time after he gets bloodied.

The statistics of an undead servant scale. Every time your level increases, the level of your undead servant does so too. The hit points, healing surge value, defenses and attack bonus can increase with level. At 4th, 8th, 14th, 18th, 24th and 28th level, two of its ability scores increase by 1. At 11th and 21st level, all of its ability scores increase by 1. If a power refers to an Undead servant, than it is this kind of zombie.

Ritual Casting All Necromancers gain the Ritual Caster feat (PHB page 200) as a bonus feat, allowing you to use magic rituals.


Necromancer powers are called spells and are developed by years of studying. The powers below is a class feature that you get if you chose the Minion Swarm Leading Style.

Raise minor undead Necromancer Class Feature
You raise a creature that recently died as a mindless zombie.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Melee Touch
Target: One dead humanoid of your level or lower that died not longer than 5 days ago.
Effect: The target gains the Minor zombie template.
Special: You can use this power a number of times per day equal to your charisma modifier, but only once an encounter.

For more information, look at the rules for the Minion Swarm class feature.Your creature have your HP total.

The power below is a class feature that you get if you chose the Destroying Arcana leading style.

Raise undead servant Necromancer Class Feature
You use an enormous blast of necrotic energy to animate a creature as an strong zombie.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Melee Touch
Target: One dead humanoid of your level or lower that died no longer than 5 days ago.
Effect: The target gains the Undead servant template.

Your creature have your HP total. For more information, look at the rules for the Destroying Arcana class feature.

A list can be found at Necromancer Powers (4e Power List).

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