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Narnia fanfic pantheon[edit]


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This pantheon is part of the Narnia fanfic setting. It can also be used with the Fortress Celestia campaign setting and many others.

This small pantheon is the result of C.S. Lewis combining elements of Christianity with classical anchient Greek (and other) mythologies.

The Deities[edit]

Deity Rank Alignment Notes / God of:
The Emperor Over the Sea OD N/LG (resident overdeity)
Aslan GD LG/CG Narnia; talking animals, justice, nature, joy
Tash ID CE Calormen; courtly virtue
Jadis DG LE Narnia, Charn; justice
Taslan DG N/CE Aslan & Tash combined into one
Bacchus DG CN/CG wine, hedonism, wild abandon
Silenius DG CN/CG drinking, friendship

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