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Nan'xin' Humans[edit]


Studious and reserved, Nan'xin are excellent for many tasks requiring study or patience. The Nan'xin' begin physical training at a young age, along with intense mental discipline almost from the moment of birth. Nan'xin' are quite renowned for their expertice in unarmed combat, and many well known monks come from their culture

Physical Description[edit]

Nan'xin' are dark-haired, black-eyed, and generally have a medium to dark complexion. They are buil slighly lighter than typical humans, due to both genetics and training.


Nan'xin' are quite easy to get along with, and respect all life and follow a code that dictates that they try to avoid combat alltogether and when they must, they must end it as quickly and bloodlessly as possible. Another peculiarity of theirs is the respect they have for their enemies.


Lawful (& almost always) good. The Nan'xin' have no time for frivilous things and adhere to their moral code quite strongly.


The Nan'xin' tend to live in places that are open and would be considered by some truly scenic. Feilds, mountains, forrests, and anywhere else... they can be quite adaptive. A prime example of Nan'xin' power and ability to inhabit different types of land i their home region, known as the Eternal Kingdom of Hunan'xin.


The Nan'xin' follow a style that mixes elven and chinese architecture.


Then Nan'xin' have quite a few gods but their cheif god is Bodhi, the monk-god. Any god that advocates the pursuit of knowledge and betterment of self is generally welcome in the pantheon of the Nan'xin'.


The Nan'xin' speak a variant of common that incorporates elven into its vocabulary and stucture.


The Nan'xin' are given the name of their parent whose gender they are and their family name at birth, and are not allowed to take another name until they have completed the training each Nan'xin recieves in the first part of their lives.

surnames: Thorael, Lorean, Xiang, Qin, Tsu

given names: Tyr, Krys, Lothlo, Loung, Qan

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Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 strength +2 Dexterity +2 wisdom -4 constitution while wise, and dexterous, the nan'xin' are lacking in toughness due to their smaller build.
  • Unarmed Stike: Nan'Xin' gain Unarmed Strike by default because of their culture's Value of attainment through martial/ phisical training
  • Humanoid
  • Medium
  • Nan'xin' base land speed is 30.
  • Automatic Languages: common (nan'xin')Bonus Languages: pure common, elvish, anything else that would make sense with their backgroud.
  • Favored Class: monk.

Vital Statistics[edit]

see Humans for random starting ages, aging effects, and height and weight.

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