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Nameless Horror[edit]

A being of pure evil and shadows, He stands above most with claws that reach to the ground below.

Nameless Horror
Level 20 Controller
Large Infernal Humanoid
XP 5000
Initiative 10Senses Darkvision Senses Perception 20
HP 200; Bloodied 100
AC 26; Fortitude 20, Reflex 30, Will 15
Speed 3
Action Points 2
at will Claw
Effect: +10 vs ac; 1d10 + 4 poison damage
at will Hidden Dagger
Effect: +10 vs ref; 1d4 + 6 poison damage
at-will Blinding strike
Effect: this creature can attack with ungodly speed, granting 2 standard actions a turn and either a move or minor action
encounter Eye of shadows
Effect: +10 vs will (-4 to all saving throws), all creatures within burst are immobilized, (save ends) after first save, slowed and weakened (save ends) second save, weakened (save ends)
at-will Strangling shadows
Effect: +10 vs fort, 2d12+5 necrotic damage, target is blinded, -2 to ac and reflex (save ends) knocked prone
at-will Whirling Claws
Effect: +20 vs ref, 1d12+6 poison damage +5 ongoing
at-will Blood Fling
Effect: +20 vs ref all opponents in blast are blinded and dazed for 2 turns
Str 20 (10) Dex 18 (4) Wis 14 (2)
Con 22 (11) Int 10 (0) Cha 8 (-1)
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common, Abyssal
Equipment Shadow armor (if taken +4 to ac and stealth), poisoned claws (+4 poison damage to all unarmed attacks), up to 500 gold.
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Nameless Horror Tactics[edit]

Nameless Horror uses absolutely everything around it to it's own ends. This is a very intelligent creature that will always destroy it's foe.

Nameless Horror Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information with a successful History check.

DC 20: You realize that this creature will never change tactics because it knows the end of the battle

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