Myths and Legends (Simiran Supplement)

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A King is Made[edit]

A book written shortly after the War for Independence, though the actual date has been lost through the ages.

Legend of Lord Aandroen[edit]

Aandroen wandered Simiran

To the frost of Khalrana

Where 'pon a path

No man shall walk

And no man ever hath

And in that wood of camouflage

Of eyes and teeth and green

Darkness shines, throughout all

Beloved is a gleam

He did meet a goblin crowd

Looking for a fight

And challenged them to deathly duel

They cowered at the sight

Smite them down, his cursed bolts

Shriek and cry they would

None was heard however

For 'twas a deserted wood

When 'feated were his enemies

He turned to face the light

And cried to show his valor

"Who is next to fight!"

Now he saw a mountainside

Its caps were peaked with snow

But the hidden road was dangerous

Its path they did not know

The local tribe of canibals

Offered to give a guide

But said they in their great halls

In the 'rena, nowhere to hide

Upon first strike our Lord did hit

A perfect strike to kill

A-powerful were blows of strength

And stronger was his iron will

Next a foe of stronger might

Did enter to the stage

Said Aandroen "Let's not fight"

And so he used his leet suas skill

To set champ's weapons down

And so he won an epic fight

Without the battle sounds

Across the bridge he sought himself

But a barrier did pose

For 'cross the bridge a hobgbolin

Of which he'd soon dispose

Next a room of puzzles

Of mental stamina

Of voices and of wisdom

Of thought and death and prose

Red is Blue

Purple, red

Green 'bove purple too

Blue is left

And yellow down

Now what is my hue?

He fought and fought forever on,

seeking but his goal

To kill he who lived too far

A wretched human soul

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