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You love to play music, and will often do it when you are bored...
Benefit: +2 to all perform checks when your character is playing their preferred instrument. +2 to charisma because generally, if one loves to play music then others love to hear them play it.(unless you'd prefer this as a flaw, then -2 to charisma and perform checks because everyone wants you to stop doing it!)
Drawback: -2 to Move Silently and Hide rolls when in battle. (Kind of difficult to hide when you are busy playing your instrument) and enemies within a 20ft radius (more or less depending on your situation. Indoor acoustics are better than outdoor acoustics... but walls and doors muffle sound, ask your DM if you're not sure) get a +2 (more or less... same reason) to their listen checks to see if they hear you playing!
Roleplaying Ideas: Your character loves music and loves to sing/play their instrument for anyone who will listen. Not necessarily a compultion, but you could play it as one, or perhaps your character does it to ease the tension of battle, who knows! Have fun with it.

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