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Impossible...I say not
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The Mulighed[edit]

To the people I am mearly A myth, truth lost in time...
—Baron Von Munchausen, Human Mulighed, From his adventures around the world

(Mole-Eyed)(en) About the Mulighed

This is a class based off of the movie "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", The main character Baron Von Munchausen is a raving lunatic to the everyday person, claiming to have voided the rules and laws of the world, physics, and possibility, the word Mulighed means possibility in danish. This class is by far one of the most powerful classes to be, but they are rare, and usually not as rediculous as the Baron, they only have one ability, which you will learn later on, this class has no specific stat, the only important thing is the users imagination and ability to think beyond the laws of physics...

Becoming a Mulighed[edit]

First of all, Character do not pursuit this class, they become this class, only at the expence of their being...

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any Good
Race: Human
Special: a Character must Sacrifice every level they posses, and can only do so if over level 20

Table: The Mulighed

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +10/+5 +8 +8 +8 If Only...20%
2nd +20/+15/+10 +12 +12 +12 If Only...40%
3rd +30/+25/+20 +16 +16 +16 Let it be so...60%
4th +40/+35/+30 +20 +20 +20 Let it be so...80%
5th +50/+45/+40 +24 +24 +24 It is Done...100%
Class Skills (8 + Int modifier per level)

Class Features[edit]

If Only...Let is be so...It is Done
The Mulighed have only one ability, they can bend possibility, every level they gain they have 20% chance (Rolled on d%) of success at whatever they are trying to do, at the DM's Discretion of course, a Mulighed cannot try to rip the heart out of a dire demonic red great wyrm of destruction...without any probable ability to do so, they on the otherhand can use 2 10ft pieces of rope to scale a 500ft rockface, by climbing downand undoing the knot holding them together and handing down the top piece, this ability will work for all member climbing the rope as long as the Mulighed is on the rope and does not fail his/her original check, upon failing the check to do something, the mulighed must come up with a new idea, that is not the same as the originally failed idea twisted around, this ability has endless applications...

Note: This class does not grow by experience, and has no ECL, you must donate all of your experience at 20th or higher do not keep the Base attack bonus, saves, or abilities of those classes, inclusing spells, psyonic abilites, and class traits, you do however keep all the feats, stat gains, and skills of all the classes donated...Doing so does not increase you max rank, so you cannot put any more skill points into that skill until you are again elligable to do so. the skills can still be used at there actual level. Doing this does not Count as Becoming an Ex-Class, and makes you elligable for the same class, if you had become barred from continuing that path I.E. an Ex-Paladin


Once a Character chooses to be a Muligheden they can only end it with the It is Done...100% ability, at which point the muligheden loosed this power forever...and does not gain back any of their original levels, classes, and what not...

Campaign Information[edit]

The Mulighed are people of legends and myth, commonly heard of in stories, but believed fake or made up...these people are seen as crack pots, Insane, and completely bonkers when they announce who they are, so they often have a second identity to use to not be ridiculed...

Playing a Mulighed[edit]

"Imagination is the Key to Success...for that is how the impossible is made possible"

Combat: The Mulighed have no specific role in battle, they do as the please, from ignorance to arrogance, some feel that they are invincible, others lucky...some even average...these people overcome the hills, mountains, and Cataclysm's of the world with ingenuity, creativity, and Finess...

Advancement: As stated above, advancement of this class only comes from donating all experience one possesses at 20th or higher level

Resources: Anything and Everything

Muligheden in the World[edit]

As stated above, The only known members of this rare and prestigeous class are known in stories and legends, commonly confused for crackpots in the everyday of this grandure is often seen as a mental illness...

To the people I am mearly A myth, truth lost in time...

commonly found on their Adventures or interupting an opera house

NPC Reactions: "He must be insane Ehh? I mean we all know that Munchausen is a story"

Mulighed Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Bardic Knowledge can research the Mulighed to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Bardic Knowledge
DC Result
5 Common Knowledge of this persons exploits, adventures, and nature
10 Specific character quirks and flaws that can be used to identify this person.
25 Minor Mentionings of a common significant person, common for this person to be the Mulighed second face.
30 Detailed information on common areas that the Mulighed would be, if they are still alive, ECT.

Muligheden in the Game[edit]

'An old gentleman hands you a set of tickets to the new opera of "The Tales of Baron Munchausen". after seeting yourself, you recognize the story as one of the stories your father told you as a small child...mentionings of a single man defeating the greatest creatures, traveling to the moon, fighting off the largest armies, and chaming a goddess...during which an old man rages onto the stage claiming that thats not how it was, and starts telling the "Real story"...

Adaptation: Opera Halls, Bardic Tellings, Large Travel Inns, places where stories are told, or fights against insurmountable odds are about to take place

Sample Encounter: Read Filler...

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