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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: It's easy to pick moe factors that will rarely appear; that so many caveats have been added, and caveats that require interpretation (the "likeliness" of a factor) shows that this is a weak design for a Flaw. A dragon is given as an example: could I then have "dragons with red scales", "dragons with horns", "dragons with green eyes".... a dragon may or may not be ever encountered. To "balance" this, the actual numerical penalties are way over what is expected in the guidelines.

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Hau~! It's so cute... I wanna take it home with me~!
—Rena Ryuugu, Human Rogue, Moe Weak to Nightmare Fuel

Moe Weakness [General, Otaku][edit]

You have a strong interest in particular types of characters.
Effect: When taking this flaw, you must choose six Moe Factors. A Moe Factor must be something that is readily and plainly visible, and cannot be something with more than two conditions. For example, "Men with Beards" is an acceptable Moe Factor - "Women with Blonde Hair kept in a Pony Tail" is not. Some acceptable examples are "Maid," "Butler," "(Men/Women) with braided hair," "Women with significant assets," "Dragons with Shiny Scales," "(Men/Women) in platemail," "(Men/Women) with a Greatsword," "(Men/Women) with glasses." Your six Moe Factors must interact in such a way that it is possible for all six of them to apply to one person. One cannot have both "Clean Shaven Dwarves" and "Men with Beards" as a Moe Factor.

A Moe Factor may NOT be something that is so extraordinarily unlikely that you won't encounter it within your campaign. "Women With Glasses" is perfectly fine, as it can be assumed that you may come across both female allies and female enemies whom wear glasses within a course of a campaign - or rather, that the possession of such is not unduly extraordinary. "Humans Over Nine Feet Tall" can go either way, as in a High Magic campaign, any human who has been placed under the Enlarge Person spell would qualify for this, and it would not be undue to assume that a group of warriors might be equipped with Potions of Enlarge Person. In a Low Magic campaign, however, such would be inappropriate, as Enlarge Person would be rare. "Dwarves Weighing Over 15000 lbs" is right out.

In general, since Moe Weakness is meant to act upon things that are not usually fully fleshed out - Hair Color, Height, Skin Tone, Clothing, Accessories, et cetera - this flaw works best in an open sandbox game, where the Dungeon Master can make note of your Moe Factors and account for them among the opponents you face. That being said, this flaw can be used in thematic dungeon crawls or modules, provided that it fits the theme; "Buxom Hobgoblins," for instance, would not be an inappropriate Moe Factor for a module involving Hobgoblins as a thematic foe. "Red Skinned Demon Girls," on the other hand, would be horribly inappropriate for an evil campaign where one's goals are to raid the Good Aligned Planes, but is completely appropriate for a campaign where one is participating in the Blood War.

A creature does not need to genuinely possess your Moe Factor for you to receive the penalties - a convincing enough simulacrum will subject you to the penalties just as much as the real thing. You are compelled by your nature to interact with characters that possess your Moe Factor whenever possible. You cannot under any circumstance actively avoid interacting with someone who possesses your Moe Factor. You may attack a character who possesses your Moe Factor only if they initiate or return hostilities with your group.

Drawback: When interacting with a Character that possesses your Moe Factor, the following applies:

You take a -2 Penalty to Attack Rolls against someone with your Moe Factor.
You take a -3 Penalty to Damage Rolls against someone with your Moe Factor.
You take a -3 Penalty to Will saves against charm and compulsion effects cast by someone with your Moe Factor.
You take a -4 Penalty to all Charisma and Wisdom Based Skills when talking to someone with your Moe Factor.
If a character encountered possesses more than one Moe Factor, the penalties (and benefits) for interaction increase by 1 for every additional Moe Factor beyond the first. In addition, upon seeing someone with more than one of your Moe Factors, you must succeed at a Will Save DC 10 + Hit Dice + Number of Moe Factors + Charisma Modifier or be Fascinated; this effect bypasses all immunities.

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