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Population 175 (Hamlet)

Race Population Percentage
Human 100%


Industries (2)

Demands (1)


GP Limit 73 GP (this applies to all services)

Mark Mason, Sword Smith

Sells 1 masterwork polearm at a 1,173 gp limit.


Trading can be done here.

"Down a Country Lane" Bed and Breakfast

Though not technically part of Minett, this Bed and Breakfast is on the outskirts and is the only inn in the nearby area. A second generation half-Elf couple runs the business.


Greebo and the Thuggins

Greebo is a Goblin that somehow has convinced a group of Trolls called the "Thuggins" that he ought to be their boss. Even though the idea seems absurd, Greebo has turned the dim-witted band of giants into a cunning and powerful adversary to all local law. Even more oddly enough, ever since Greebo has taken the lead, the "Thuggins" have not killed a single person when raiding local farms for food.

Notable NPCs[edit]

Mark Mason
N Male Human Expert 4
Ability Scores Str 9 Dex 11 Con 10 Int 12 Wis 8 Cha 14
Skills Craft (weapons) +11, Bluff +12, Diplomacy +16, Sense Motive +6, Sleight of Hand +9, Spellcraft +8, Intimidate +11, Profession (shopkeeper) +6
Feats Skill Focus (bluff), Skill Focus (craft weapons), Skill Focus (diplomacy)
HP 14
Fort/Ref/Will +1/+1/+4
Info Mark will sometimes sell items he has not made at overly high prices to fools and occasionally will even sell ineffective items. He can assist on the creation of a +1 polearm providing half of the xp requirement for 1,000 gp. He sells 1 masterwork polearm at a 1,173 gp limit.


Adventure Hooks[edit]

Adventure hooks are divided into three categories: working with an organization (lawful), working with an individual or on one's own accord (neutral), and working against local organized powers (chaotic).

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I have seen the weakness in the arcane magic I was birthed with. I now come back to to claim what I deserve with divine zealotry. No man can stop the virtue vested in me by the Dragon Queen herself. By the green head of Tiamat I will command Sapparizan once again!
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