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Metamagic Pool [Metamagic][edit]

You can sacrifice lower level spell slots to power your metamagic.
Prerequisite: One other metamagic feat, caster level 6th.
Benefit: When utilizing another metamagic feat, you may apply its effects without increasing the spell slot cost by sacrificing another daily spell slot with a spell level equal to the normal increase in spell level slot. For example, a 6th level Sorcerer could attempt to cast an Empowered Fireball. Normally, Fireball is a 3rd-level spell and the Empower Spell feat requires a spell slot of 2 levels higher. Utilizing this feat, the sorcerer could use a 3rd-level daily spell slot to cast Fireball normally and sacrifice a 2nd-level daily spell slot in order to apply Empower Spell to it. You cannot apply this feat to only one metamagic effect of many or only part of one. If you stack multiple metamagic effects on one spell, you must add up the accumulative spell slot increase before you can apply this feat. For example, a 6th level Sorcerer trying to use this feat to cast a Maximized and Empowered Magic Missile could not sacrifice a 2nd-level spell just for the Empowered effect or a 3rd-level spell just for the Maximized effect but would have to sacrifice a 5th level daily spell slot for both (which the sorcerer is not high enough level to have and thus cannot do). However, the sorcerer could use two 3rd-level spell slots to cast a Maximized Fireball without the Empowered effect. This feat cannot be used in conjunction with a Heighten Spell effect.

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