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Mecha Time Cops
D20 Campaign Setting

This material is maintained by Hooper

It is the near-future and there are 6 superpowers in the world. Each has been successful in making mechanized battle suits as well as time travel, and as a result each superpower has created Mecha Time Patrols to go back in time and change history to better their own country.

A super-secret coalition between benevolent forces in each of the six governments results in the creation of the first International Mechanized Time Police, a team of six Mecha warriors (one mecha and pilot from each country) who patrol time to ensure no country changes anything. The players take the role of one of these six agents, traveling through time in their Mecha trying to prevent the changing of history.

Player Information

Player's Handbook
Advice on Creating Characters
The different ethnic groups of Mecha Time Cop.
The standard issue Mechas of Mecha Time Cops.
Mecha Equipment
Mecha add-ons and extensions

World Reference

The alternative future Earch of Mecha Time Cops
Mecha Time Cop Countries
International Mechanized Time Police
The super-secret international agency

Running Mecha Time Cop

Rules Compendium
System rules and regulations
About this Project
Basic info about the project
Adding to Mecha Time Cops
About helping out.
Running a Mecha Time Cops Campaign
Advice for implementing a campaign

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