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Masterclasser (DnD Prestige Class)
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What ARE you!
—Gonnar, innocent spectator

A Masterclasser is a literal Jack-of-all-trades, being adept at many classes at once. Some Masterclassers started out as a normal civilian wanting more out of life, some have come out of retirement, but all are powerful. Common Masterclassers include Fighter-spellcaster mixes, or the extreme Fith Party Member: The Bard-Druid-Ranger!

Note: This is a lot to handle, it's like having multiple characters at once. It gets complicated, so make sure to prepare it ahead of time. Great for solo campaigns though.


  • Alignment: Must be chaotic
  • Race: Any race can become a Masterclasser, but humans more typically do.
  • Special: At least three different classes. Bard-Wizard-Fighter, for example. Each level of Commoner counts as a class for this purpose.

Table: The Masterclasser
Hit Die: d3 (Yes, d3)

Level Base
Attack Bonus
1st +0 +1 +1 +1 Class Mastery 1, Alternate Attire, Form Shift
2nd +0 +2 +2 +2 Class Mastery 2, Alternate Attire, Quick Shift
3rd +1 +2 +2 +2 Subtle Shift, Alternate Attire
4th +1 +3 +3 +3 Alternate Attire, Bonus feat
5th +2 +3 +3 +3 Class Mastery 3, Alternate Attire, Multi-shift
6th +2 +4 +4 +4 Class Mastery 4, Alternate Attire
7th +3 +4 +4 +4 Class Mastery 5, Alternate Attire
8th +3 +5 +5 +5 Class Mastery 6, Alternate Attire
9th +4 +5 +5 +5 Class Mastery 7, Alternate Attire
10th +4 +6 +6 +6 Class Mastery 8, Alternate Attire, Final Form
Class Skills (10 + Int modifier per level)
Any 15 skills may be chosen as class skills

Class Features[edit]

All the following are class features of the Masterclasser:

Class Mastery (Su): At most levels, a Masterclasser gains the abilities of a new class. In essence, you become an entirely different charecter with a base class equal to one fourth of your ECL, rounded up, plus all of your Masterclasser levels. The first level is automatically used for the Masterclasser class itself (Meaning you don't get a new class at first level). You can choose a class for which you don't meet the prerequisites, but you divide by eight instead of four, if you were taking a class that required you to be non-chaotic for example. Each class has it's own feats and ability score increases appropriate for their level, and you can re-arrange your starting ability scores to suit each form (although once chosen, they cannot be changed) These abilities can only be used while wearing the appropriate attire for the class, see alternate attire. A new attire is automatically assigned when you obtain each level of Class Mastery, and can be reassigned by crushing a gem of 100gp*Class Mastery Level over the new attire. Masterclasser attire can be changed for free with a one-hour ritual (Such as if a masterclasser looses his original attire). Attire must be fitting for the class, and you can't pick the same attire for multiple classes. For example, a fighter can't use mage robes, neither can you set your masterclasser gear as everything. While in Masterclasser form, you may still use your original abilities, but not in other forms. Rather than aquire a new class, you may instead opt to add 1/4 potency to an existing class, up to a maximum of your character level (Or add 1/8, up to a max of 1/2 for classes for which you do not meet the prerequisites)

Example: A Fighter1/Bard1/Wizard1/Masterclasser1 essentially has five sets of abilities: one for a first level Fighter, one for a first level Bard, one for a first level Wizard, one for a a first level character of the player's choice, and all forms include 1st level Masterclasser. This makes you weaker individually, but stronger given time. You could use both wizard spells and bard spells in masterclasser form, but you could not, say, use them while in Ranger form (The new form of choice).

Alternate Attire (Su): Alternate attire allows a Masterclasser to store and switch his clothing in an extradimensional pocket, taking a standard action to activate once (Leaving you naked), and a full round action to store and withdraw. Each level allows a new set of clothing to be stored. A naked Masterclassser does not gain any abilities from class mastery. A set of clothing can be as simple of a set of plain clothes, or a full suit of armor, or even a fig leaf. This includes a weapon. The attire appears magically and instantly on you when switching. The extradimensional pocket can not be accessed by anyone else, nor can anything but one set of clothing be placed in each. A Masterclasser looses the ability to use his Masterclasser abilities, including Alternate attire or Class Mastery, if he does not have his multiclasser clothing either with him, or in a "Pocket". Masterclasser clothing is embroidered with symbols representing each of his classes, and glows with a faint sheen. It is very flashy and hard to miss, if you know what you're looking for, and so you take a cumulative -1 to hide checks per extra class taken. This does apply to pre-masterclasser levels, but only ever applies while in masterclasser clothes. You can store any clothing in these extradimensional pockets, however you can only store one full set in any given pocket and non-linked sets won't do you much good. If you ever loose your masterclasser outfit, all of your pockets combine, and you can open it once and only once before getting your abilities back. (This means you can continue to hold the clothes there until you get your powers back, but you cant put them back in.) The weight of these outfits is negligible when stored. You can only switch from masterclasser and back, not directly between. (Ex: bard > mast.class. > fighter = OK, bard > fighter = Not Ok) Example: Lets take our Fighter/Bard/Wizard/Masterclasser from before. Due to his class mastery ability he needs different clothes for his fighter powers, bardic powers, wizard powers, and his normal multiclasser self. Since he decides being able to switch to wizard isn't as important, he fills a pocket with a set of armor designated as his Fighter gear, with longsword, and wears light armors desegnated as his bardic attire with included lute, stowing his Masterclasser clothes in his pack, along with his wizard robes.

Apparently this is confusing to some of you, so let's take another example. Charles is a Fighter 1/Wizard 1/Thief 1/Masterclasser 4, making him an ECL of 7. Therefore, each of his classes is effectively Level 2. He has all of the abilities of a Lvl 2 fighter, plus a level two wizard, and a lvl two thief, while still having abilities form level 4 masterclasser. Each form has its own feats, and its own skillpoints and skill distribution. There's no limit to how long you stay a class or how many times you can switch. If he's in wizard mode and wants to switch to thief, he has to pass through masterclasser first, using two rounds.

Form Shift(Su): Starting from first level, any time you roll a 1 on a d20 roll, you lose control of your now-volatile form. After this occurs for the first time, Control Shape (Wis) is now a class skill for you.


Subtle Shift(Su): At third level, the masterclasser gains the ability to, once per day, use a class feature from one of his other classes for up to his constitution modifier + Mast.Class. level rounds, even if he does not have the prerequisites. This can not be used on masterclasser abilities. It is activated by touching the symbol of the class, and is a swift action that cannot be preformed while constrained.

Quick Shift(Su): Utalising this ability, the masterclasser can, once per day as a swift action, make a full round attack or attack of opportunity as though they were another class, using appropriate skills and modifiers for that class, as well as the weapon you've associated with that class.

Multi-Shift(Su): Now, here's where things get tricky. Using this ability, a masterclasser can assume two classes at once, retaining both spell lists, spell casting abilities, class abilities and feats, where appreciable. Take the highest of stat points or skill points, use the highest base attack bonus and saves, average the HP. Weapons and armor are also averaged together. Average the armor straight out, have the DM pick damage mid-way between the weapons. If the equipment is magical, it retains all powers, but at half potency. This ability is usable once per 4d6 hours, no more than 6 times per day, and for only two minutes at a time. At 7th level, you can add a third class to the mix.

Final Form(Su): This works as Multi-Shift. The rule still applies that you cannot compile same type classes, they must all be different, such as a mage, bard, and fighter. You also gain 2/3, rounded down, amount of BAB, saves, caster levels, etc., gained from the combined classes instead of the 1/2. Your level in the selected classes are no longer calculated by ECL formula, but instead by your Masterclass level + 1/4 of your character level. Also, a 10th level Masterclasser cannot choose another class, and must continue leveling Masterclasser or a previous class. Any class outside the 3 main classes selected (not including Masterclasser) has its level calculated as 1/4 of your ECL (excluding the Masterclasser level).


If a Masterclasser looses his chaotic alignment, or assumes the identity of a non-chaotic alignment for more than 1 full week, he looses all of his class abilities, and his pockets shut forever, trapping the contents inside. A ritual atonement spell, preformed by another Masterclasser, can be used to restore powers and reopen the pockets. This special use of the atonement spell costs 10k gp in materials and uses no experience, but can only be preformed once by the caster, and can only be received once as well.

The Epic Masterclasser[edit]

At each even numbered Masterclasser level beyond 10th, gain a level of Class Mastery. At each odd numbered Masterclasser level beyond 10th, gain a level of Alternate Attire. Epic level Masterclassers can designate prestige classes for their new classes. An epic Masterclasser receives no marked bonus feats, but if a class would become epic it gains bonus feats normally. Also, an epic level Masterclasser can use an additional same-type class every 5 levels as long as it is a prestige class to which you meet the entry requirements. As an example, say you have a character that is a level 10 Masterclasser with the bard/mage/fighter combo. At level 15, you can select another fighter class as long as it is a prestige class, giving you a bard/mage/fighter/fighter combination.

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