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Mask of Aces[edit]

Mask worn by Rathyn, the current Jack of Aces.

It is a stark white mask, with an ace sign painted in the center. There are small runes carved around the eyes and edges of the mask, which were placed there by the original worshipers of Jack of Aces'. They believed in his Chaos-spreading ethics with a cult-like fanaticism, and created this mask for him to ascend to godhood.


Once used by the legendary Jack of Aces, the mask empowered him to rival the strength of a deity. It seems to do little to nothing for anyone else, unless the wearer is chaotic evil. then, the following effects are applied;

+10 to all abilities

100 hp

Cost: One must kill Rathyn, or whoever happens to be the Jack of Aces, to obtain it.

Weight: 1 lb

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