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Life and Society:[edit]

The Marjeta are perhaps the most patriotic of all Sclavini






Major Geographic Features:[edit]

The Blackfoot Marsh[edit]

The Blackfoot Marsh, or Blackfoot as the locals call it is home to a long forgotten castle. No one remembers the name of the keep or when it was built. But rangers and trappers report strange noises and lights coming from the abandoned castle at night. Most people stay clear of the place and rumor of its haunting is spreading across the kingdom. The swamp is very stagnant with swarms of creepy crawly bugs, lizards and far worse creatures. Constant fog covers the swamp during the day and night. And quicksand has been reported by those that have escaped. The name Blackfoot Marsh got it's name for a good reason. It comes from a terrible disease that can be contracted in the swamp, in its late stages it turns the subject's feet black as pitch, requiring amputation.

Important Sites:[edit]


Population: 6,513 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 4,882,500 Isolated; Humans: 6,252; Dwarves: 130; Elves: 65; Others: 66


Population: 9,733 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Evil Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 7,297,500 Isolated; Humans: 9,343; Dwarves: 194; Elves: 97; Others: 99


Population: 2,685 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 402,000 Isolated; Humans: 2,577; Dwarves: 53; Elves: 26; Others: 29

Diplomatic Relations:[edit]

Current Events:[edit]

Marjeta suffered from a recent invasion and is still recovering. Nearly half the nobility was killed after it was learned they had tried to betray Marjeta to the Amareth invaders in order to gain more power for themselves. The former Tsar was assassinated by those nobles. His son, Daniil, managed to escape and rallied many peasants behind him to drive back the invaders. He wisely used the Black Forest to his advantage, using guerrilla tactics with the forest as cover, and killing enemy soldiers in rather brutal fashions to demoralize the invaders. His actions were so successful that there are rumors he is in fact a daemon in human form, returned to aid the land. To the peasants, he is a hero, but to the nobility he is something out of a nightmare. As such, the current government is in a state of flux, as the surviving nobility fears the thought of Daniil as Tsar. Though Daniil does not hold the title, to the peasants, he is the undisputed ruler of the land.

Character Creation Info:[edit]


Regional Feats:[edit]

Regional Weapons:[edit]


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