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The common Templar resident lives his life without ever venturing amongst planes. Not even all denizens of the world know of the existent of the "elseworlds" called planes. Some of those who do know can only spread wives tales, rumors, and hearsay. However, for those stalwart adventurers seeking to find out not just what lays beyond the horizon, but beyond the fabric of existence, the Templar Multiverse spreads forth and invites them.

Temple Cosmology
These are the Templar Planes of Existence. Refer to the numbers on the pictures that correspond to each plane. Please click on one of the titles to learn more about that plane. (Yes, i did this in Paint, best thing i had, so shut up!

Templar Planes of Existence[edit]

(1) Prime Material Plane[edit]

(2) Positive Material Plane[edit]

(3) Negative Material Plane[edit]

(4) The Elemental Plane of Air[edit]

(5) The Elemental Plane of Fire[edit]

(6) The Elemental Plane of Earth[edit]

(7) The Elemental Plane of Water[edit]

(8) The Etheral Plane[edit]

(9) Ravenloft[edit]

(10) The Astral Plane[edit]

(11) The Seven Heavens[edit]

(12) Twin Paradises[edit]

(13) Elysium[edit]

(14) Happy Hunting Grounds[edit]

(15) Olympus[edit]

(16) Gladsheim (Asgard, Valhalla, Vanaheim)[edit]

(17) Limbo[edit]

(18) Pandemonium[edit]

(19) The 666 Layers of The Abyss[edit]

The plane of absolute Chaotic Evils. Home to Deities and Demons, and some Daemons.

(20) Tarterus[edit]

(21) Hades[edit]

(22) Gehenna[edit]

(23) The Nine Hells[edit]

(24) The Plane of Acheron[edit]

The plane of Absolute Chaotic Neutrals.

(25) Nirvana[edit]

(26) Arcadia[edit]

(27) Concordent Opposition[edit]

(28) The Shadow Plane[edit]

(29) The Elemental Plane of Sand[edit]

(30) The Elemental Plane of Vegetation[edit]

(31) The Elemental Plane of Ice[edit]

(32) The Elemental Plane of Glass and Crystal[edit]

(33) The Plane of Sorrow, Death, and Despair[edit]

(34) The Plane of GoleMachine[edit]

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