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Mana Points and Arcane Mana Conversion:

  • Spellcasters
  • Manifesters
  • Essentia
  • HD & Level
  • Feats
  • Dreams
  • Planes
Mana Points are an inherent part of all living creatures, and are untapped resources used only after receiving the Divine Spark-specific ability, Arcane Mana Conversion.
Spellcasters receive as many Mana Points as they have in their spell slots or their Applicable Statistic, whichever is higher.
Manifesters do likewise.
Meldshapers receive additional Mana points equal to their Essentia Pool.
Feats grant an additional 4 Mana Points.
Spell slots of spells per day (level of spell = Mana points); Power Points = Mana points.
Locations, objects, or regions rich in Affinities of a given type increase Mana by their described amounts.
Spellcasters gain their Level, Manifesters gain double their level, Meldshapers gain triple their level, Non-magical and Non-psionic Character Classes and creatures without a class receive quadruple their HD+Class Mana Points.
Dream mages receive an infinite Mana Pool in the Realm of Dreams.
Mana are worth double (with no penalty, or “Mana Burn”) in planes of the Divine Spark’s origin, as per each Energy Path.


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