Maintaining Psychic Skills (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Maintaining Psychic Skills[edit]

Some psychic skills can be maintained; that is, their effect can be continued at the same level achieved by the initial skill check. This requires a modicum of concentration on the part of the character. A psychic maintaining one or more psychic skills who is distracted must make a Concentration check with a base DC of 10, +2 per skill the character is maintaining beyond the first. Additional modifiers may apply for damage and other distracting conditions (see the Concentration skill description for details). A failed Concentration check means that the character stops maintaining all psychic skills and their effects end. Optionally, the Gamemaster may rule that the psychic stops maintaining one psychic skill for every two points the Concentration check failed by (rounding up).

Using another psychic skill (or another application of the same skill) while maintaining one or more psychic skills increases the DC of the psychic skill check by +2, but does not affect the skill’s strain or saving throw DC, unlike affecting multiple target’s at once.

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