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+1 enhancement GP Value

This weapon enhancement can be forged upon any cold iron melee weapon and ranged ammunition. It is a magnetic force fueled by powerful magic and is comprised of very rare and expensive minerals. This weapon has an attraction to other metals that is so strong that it can alter combat greatly. The weapon functions as a masterwork +1 cold iron weapon of its type except as follows...

Metallic Opponent- If an opponent has any armor comprised of at least 30% metal you receive a +4 to hit them with both melee and ranged weapons. You do an extra 1d6 collision damage as well against metal clad opponents. You also run the risk of your weapon becoming stuck to your enemy. Each successful hit means your weapon becomes stuck to your metal ridden opponent. A dc10 strength check is required to pull a magnetic weapon off of any metal item or vice verse. If the only metallic object possessed by an opponent is his shield or weapon then the attacker with the magnetized weapon receives a -2 to it's attack roll and no bonus damage. If the defender has metal armor and a metal shield then the magnetic attack bonus is back to +4 and the extra 1d6 collision damage is applied. Studded leather and most lesser armors are generally under 30% metal. A metal helmet does count as metal armor. You are not considered "grappling" your opponent if your magnetized weapon gets stuck to you enemy. Separating your magnetized weapon from metal can be done as a free action. If your magnetic weapon sticks to an opponent and you cannot pull it off then you are considered unarmed by that opponent. Attempting to grab it back later is a standard touch attack action that does generate an attack of opportunity, unless you have the improved disarm feat.

Flanking- If you are holding a magnetic weapon and flanking with an ally who also has a magnetic weapon you both receive an additional +2 flanking bonus (for a total of +4). Upon scoring a successful hit while flanking you deal an extra 1d6 collision damage. Flanking with an ally who has just a regular(non magnetic) weapon produces no effects. Even if your ally possesses a metal weapon you still receive no bonuses.

Polar Flanking If two magnetic weapon wielding allies flank a metallic armored opponent then the offensive bonuses are even greater. The 2 allies receive the stacking bonuses to their attack rolls, for a total of +8 to their normal attacks.... +2regular flanking, +2 polar flanking, +4 metallic opponent. The allies also add another 1d6 bonus to their damage (for a total of 2d6 collision damage.)

Sundering- If you are sundering an enemy's metallic weapon with your magnetized weapon you receive a +4 to your attack roll and do an extra 1d6 collision damage.

Disarming- If a disarm action is attempted while one player has a metallic weapon and the other has a magnetized weapon the attacker adds a +4 bonus to his attack. This occurs even if the defending player possesses the magnetized weapon.

Striking a non metallic object with a magnetized weapon produces no positive or negative effects(at the DM's discretion) Though the weapon still functions as normal +1 masterwork cold iron. Both Adamantine and Mithral are considered metallic for the purposes of attracting a magnetized weapon.

If two players possessing magnetized weapons stand within 5 feet of each other, their weapons become stuck together and are unusable until separated. It takes a strength check of 40 to separate any two magnetized weapons.

Prerequisites to create: Craft magical weapons (feat). DC 30 craft check. 1/25 total cost in XP. 1/2 enhancement bonus price in raw minerals. Must be enchanted upon a masterwork cold iron weapon.

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