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Lycanthropic Saliva[edit]

Lycanthropic Saliva is like having a portable werewolf around that won't attempt to eat your head off. It is a very difficult poison to get your hands on. Most merchants attempting to collect it have been killed by their own supply. How ever it is possible to make it yourself. The only way to make this is to kill a Lycanthropic creature. The corpse must still be intact. Using a pre-aquired phial fill it with the were-animal saliva, then you must also add a drop of the Lycanthrope's blood, however this blood must come from its heart. After all the ingredents are together the poison will turn a deep blue. At this point it is still not ready. The poison will then need to be left in full-moon light for one night. If it turns clear you now have a phial of Lycanthropic Saliva poison.

The effects of this poison are almost instant, functioning identically to afflicted lycanthropy except it is treated as contraction on hit and on their turn must make a Will save (DC 15 + number of rounds + strikes with poisoned weapon after first) or permanently assume the alignment of his animal form in all shapes. Until they get the ability to change back (at the end of the next full moon) the target will act under a constant unremovable insanity. Also the target loses one point from a random ability score every day until the full moon and they change back. Every full moon they must make a Will save (DC 15 + number of times he has been in animal form) or change back and become insane again (but other wise under normal Lycanthropy rules).

Type: injury DC (see text)
Initial Damage: Afflicted lycanthropy
Secondary Damage: confused

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