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Lunacy, God of Vigilantes[edit]

Lesser Deity
Symbol: A smiley face that has one blue square eye and one green swirly eye
Home Plane: The plane of reality that is Chaos
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: None
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Good
Domains: chaos
Favored Weapon: A giant squeaky hammer (which is a battle hammer he uses to make enemies think it's harmless), RPSEB (ROCKET PROPELLED STUFFED EXPLODING BUNNY), and a cannon of deadly fireworks.

Eye color: right eye is green. Left eye is yellow.

Hair: Off White but can change at will

Height: 5'9

Weight: Equal to 12 gallons of vanilla pudding (This is the response given when he is asked)

Skin: light sliver color

Usual clothing worn: Jester hat that is colored blue, orange, and purple. The Shirt is tie dye. His pants are made of of different fabrics. The right pants leg is green and pink striped going vertical. The left is red and brown striped going horizontal. For shoes he is wearing fuzzy bear slippers (When he isn't fighting) and rainbow boots (When he is fighting)

His ears are elf ears however the are upside down. And he has the nose of a gnome.


The law is not always going to help the weak, the poor, and the abused.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Because he doesn't look at himself as a true god he doesn't really have too many true worshipers. When asked he merely says "all one must do is be pure of heart, be willing destroy evil, and call my name and I will come."

However, his clergy is made up of vigilantes. Having a temple would cause criminals to find the vigilantes, meeting of worship are held in secret every Thursday. Because He doesn't look at himself as a god his followers refer to him as a lesser god out of respect. Furthermore he doesn't at at all mind if you don't worship him and pray to him when you need it. To him it's not who you are; it's more about what you do.

He has a list of rules about following him. They are:

1) Never kill an innocent person

2) Kill those who worship evil

3) Free those who are enslaved

4) Should you kill an innocent that is being used one must make up for the mistake by killing the one who uses them

5) Always help those in need before yourself

6) Respect everything around you

7) If one is willing to change their evil ways allow them one chance

8) The law is not always able to keep the evil ones at bay

9) Strike fear into those cause evil

10) You shall not steal from the good but from the evil and give the findings and cookies to the poor

11) You need not worship me to call upon my help. Simple tell a joke with my name as the punch line and my aid shall come.

12) You are to act as Judge, jury, and executioner.

He has a code of truths, which are:

1) A vigilante is not something you become but a set of ideals you up hold, that is what makes you a vigilante.

2) A true vigilante uses the tools they are given.

3) a true Vigilante is the law when it is lawless.

4) A true Vigilante doesn't follow the laws of society instead the follow their own.

5) a true Vigilante is well versed with many skills.


Digs (Father)

Bibby (Mother)

Disarray(Cousin)(Chaotic evil)<-Lunacy would like me to tell you all that if you see his cousin please feel free to beat him until dead or unable to live.

Zákon Aby (Wife)

Discord (Son)(Dead)

Judge Cam (Father in law)

Marcy (Mother in Law)


Lunacy was born into a middle class family in the Plane of reality that is Chaos. As a child he was normally a prankster but his intentions were never bad. His father owned a restaurant called, literary 'A Restaurant' the motto was "Eat it first and then we'll cook it" which was what they did. He worked there until he reached the age of 25 when he joined the school of Chaotic acting. When he graduated he was asked to perform an act for his countries king. The night of the king was attacked and Lunacy killed the attacker. Due to this the king offered him a job as personal bodyguard. One day the king announced that he was going to war. Lunacy helped fighting until he discovered that the king was using his soldiers to wipe out all other kingdoms. Angered that he was used for bad intentions he came up with a plan to kill the king and stop the war. He went to the king saying that he has some news. When he knelled before the king he set off a trap which killed him. Lunacy than stopped the war. Years later he came across an old woman was dying of some illness. Although he tried to help her he fail as his medical skills were weak at best at the time. As an act of thankfulness in trying she gave him a glowing orb of magic. When she died he was transported to the plane of the Gods and goddess. They for reasons unknown granted him one wish, His wish was to have the ability to 'Pop' from one plane of reality to another. His Wish was granted. He found out later on that she was one of the few beings that can travel outside of the Plane of reality that she was in. It still confuses him thought why he was brought to the Plane of the Gods and Goddesses and even wonders if he made that wish himself.

When he began to to so insanity spread in each place he visited just by his mere presence. At first it brought joy but an evil being got its hands insanity and used it for evil. In killing it with ease he gained followers to his disliking.

The only place he cannot cause insanity is the Plane of reality that is Law and Order. Which is where he met his wife, Zákon Aby, a deity of Lawful Good. They were married and had one son that was born early in the plane of Chaos. Due to this they named him Discord, who was killed when he was ten by someone unknown. This made him travel throughout the planes and preach about destroying evil.


He is known to prank enemies and allies alike. His favorite target of his pranks are paladins. He enjoys a good joke and get mad when someone tried to explain it.

Due to his 'insanity' (as others would put it, he is considered sane in his home world) he has odd ideas of what should be done. For example during a quest one of his followers had called upon him seeking help with an interrogation. His idea of going extreme was covering the bandit in grape jelly.

In battle he displays cunning and grace. He is equally swift and strong. This leading many people; including followers; to believe that he isn't as insane as he displays most of the time.

However, when his son is brought up his happy personality is replaced by a sad dark one.


Lunacy is a immortal being from the plane of reality known as Chaos because of this the laws of logic do not apply to him. This allows him to change shape, clothes, sound of voice, if need be gender, change weapons and etc at will. (Shape and clothes he will change often) When it comes to fighting it is hard for any mortal to kill him. He is skilled in many different weapons and can throw magic back at the enemy. The giant squeaky hammer he uses causes very little damage as it mainly used to cause dizziness and confusion in the one it hits. The RPSEB is a homing weapon that can track up to 3 miles. When it explodes it forms a mushroom cloud of cotton candy...and whatever is left of the person that is hit. He has other weapons but these are the ones he carries with him all the time.

He does, from time to time, fight in hand to hand combat his style is in his language known as 'BONGA CHEE BOO' which in common means 'Fist of the Crazed'. This style requires that the user be equally fast, strong, and wise. He is a master of it and teaches it to those he deems able to learn it. He can speak many languages and only needs to hear a new one a few times to learn it. He is skilled with one handed and most two handed weapons. His favorite are Twin Hooks of the Shaolin Monk. He has over 1000 known spells he uses but most of which come from his home world. Some of them are:

Gab-ba-do-by-YAY: lightning strike that freezes the enemy in ice

Reset: center of gravity of any person(s) is changed to his liking. (EX: Can make someone walk on the wall and another walk upside down in the air at the same time)

Split personality: For a short period of time user can separate (Him/her)self into many different beings, each with it's own power of the user.

Feast of Fear: the enemy/enemies worst fear comes real and tries to eat them

Hip Pip Hoory: A blast is thrown at the enemy if it hit enemy is turn into confetti.

Flash dance: Forces the up to five enemies to dance until they die or surrender.

Dutch oven: When active the enemy/enemies smell a foul order with causes them to cough uncontrollably

Scrambled: Target is unable to talk correctly for a short period of time


The Plane of Reality known as Chaos actually one of the many manifesto plane where anything from personality types to different emotions are born. In these planes very few are granted the right by the Gods and Goddesses to travel throughout the planes.

He has a pet hydra named Cuddles

He can only be harmed by magic weapons or magic wielded by someone of equal or greater skill..

He has a fear of rubber pencils.

Will not harm anyone of Lawful good or neutral good.

If a follower becomes evil he gives them one chance to change their ways, if not they are killed.

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