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  • Aliases = Gem, Allen
  • Size = medium
  • Type = female elf vampire. Mage lvl 18, assassin lvl 13.
  • Hit Dice = 18d4 + 13d6 / 2
  • Hit Points = 86
  • Armor class = 2
  • Strength = 18/76
  • Dexterity = 18
  • Intelligence = 18
  • Wisdom = 16
  • Constitution = 16
  • Charisma = 18
  • Alignment = CE
Luna by Martin McKenna


In the town of Kralik, or in her lair in the No Mans Area of the Acheron Plane.


Tall, woman. Dressed in studdedleather and cloth that covers her entire body except for her eyes. She looks like a ninja.


she will sick her minions on the victim first. Then she will either cast spells, attack by throwing Kunai knives, or will go in with her spiked gloves, or will take them off and punch the victim, draining them of 2 energy levels.


Garlic, sunlight, (un)holy symbols, cant drink potions.

Theiving Abilities[edit]

  • Pick pockets: 105%
  • Open locks: 82%
  • Find/remove traps: 75%
  • Move Silently: 100%
  • Hide in Shadows: 100%
  • Hear Noise: 40%
  • Climb Walls; 100%
  • Read Languages: 55%



  • 1st: detect magic, find familiar, identify, magic missle.
  • 2nd: ESP, forget, knock, web, wizard lock.
  • 3rd: dispel magic, explosive runes, fireball, lightning bolt, hold person, slow.
  • 4th: charm monster, dig, polymorph other, polymorph self, remove curse.
  • 5th: animate dead, magic jar, teleport, telekinesis.
  • 6th: death spell, disintegrate, enchant an item, guards and wards, monster summoning IV, stone to flesh, reincarnation.
  • 7th: charm plants, delayed blast fireball, mass invisibility, monster summoning V.
  • 8th: monster summoning VI, otto's irresistible dance, permanancy, polymorph any object.
  • 9th: monster summoning VII, prismatic sphere, shape change, time stop.


Black cloth/hood, Gloves with hooks/spikes, Special bag of holding( contains her coffin), Sword +3, Dagger +3 venom, Wand of magic detection (99), Spellbook, 10,000 gold.


Lair in no mans area. Lives in pyramid. Ancient vampire.

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