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800 cycles ago, a strange race of beings came to our planet and attacked with weapons that spate shards of metal and blades that burned like cold fire. We fought back against these creatures, these invaders from the far-off stars, and slowly pushed them off our beloved world. It took us 56 cycles, but we slowly nibbled at their numbers until they were forced to reach an agreement with our people. The details of that agreement are a forgotten secret, but the attackers, the Keshalyen, left our world, leaving those of us who were whole to rebuild. Now our day of reckoning comes...
—Locilico Commander Finslan Uineh Skoahrec, relating to Gerald Tzing D'Flor the history of the Locilico-Keshalyen War.


The locilico are perhaps the only race so far to have ever encountered the keshalyen and survived as a species. After the keshalyen had left Kaf (the locilico home planet), the locilico expanded out to three other planets, Porig (which now has the highest concentration of their population), Vrisk, and X'mondos.

Racial Traits[edit]

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