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Living Constructs (Sentient Constructs? potential rename option)[edit]

The first living construct was created by a sorcerer who wanted to bring a living creature into the world. The living construct is a mechanical exoskeleton with metal plates attached to its frame, and runs off of pure arcane energy. Unknown to the sorcerer who created the first living construct, the construct was able to reproduce and create new life forms from itself. With the fact that it is hard to actually destroy or "kill" a living construct their numbers have steadily increased ever since.


The living constructs personality is generally reserved, otherwise their personalities are as varied as humans.

Physical Description[edit]

Most living constructs stand between 6 to 7 feet tall, and weigh between 350 to 800 pounds. They are generally made from a steel colored alloy but can be any color of metal. Their eyes glow either blue, green, red or purple and they possess no outward natural variations. However if a living construct wishes to be more unique or colorful they can have themselves acid etched with armorers acid to create intricate tatoos, or they can hire someone to carve designs.


Most races do not get along well with living constructs due to their unique nature. While the living constructs are not aggressive they do not age, eat, sleep or have any urges like humanoids; they do not even possess a male female division amongst their kind. This differences may seem small at first but add in the fact that this people looks like a human sized mobile magical construct with no free will (perceived only, the living construct has freedom of his own actions) and you get a race most others do not want around on a permanent basis.


Living constructs tend to gravitate towards law and good, though there are living constructs of all types.


Since the living constructs are not welcome in most civilized areas, so they tend to gravitate to areas that others abandon or refuse to live within. Wastelands, badlands, deserted cities and any other area that is not out right hostile to the living construct is a viable area for living constructs.


Living constructs being a created race have no religion. With the fact that the first living construct is still alive and knew their creator, they do not believe in divine beings in general though exceptions to this rule have occurred.


Covus is the language of the living constructs which is a combination of many different sounds. The language itself cannot be physically reproduced by most humanoids as the variety of sounds is not able to be replicated by the human voicebox.


Names for the living constructs are usually whatever the living construct is refered to first. Among their own society they don't actually use names and find naming conventions to be strange, as they are able to differentiate between themselves with ease.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Strength +4, Intelligence +2]: Due to their mechanical nature the living construct is stronger than an average human, and they are able to process information easily. However due to their metallic appearance they have a major drawbacks for interaction with other races. Due to their construct nature the living construct does not have a constitution score.
  • Humanoid (Construct): The living construct is roughly humanoid in shape and animated.
  • Medium Size.
  • Living Constructs base land speed is 30 feet
  • Hard to kill (Ex): The living construct does not die when it reaches 0 hit points. Instead the living construct shuts down and becomes dormant for a period of 24 hours. To destroy a living construct the creature must first shut them down then smelt them or reduce more than half his body to slag.
  • Natural Armor (Ex): The living construct has an added 5 AC(Armor Class) points without any armor equipped.
  • Automatic Languages: Corvus. Bonus Languages: Any, the mechanics of language are incredibly simple for a living construct to understand.
  • Favored Class: Fighter.
  • Level Adjustment: +1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Living Construct Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
200 years +2d10 +5d8 +8d10

Living constructs do not gain any aging advantages as they have no known maximum age.

Table: Living Construct Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6' +2d6 inches 300 lb. (+3d6x10) lb.

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